August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap: Ready for Fall

Streaming HBO Go // Bubble bath

This week is my last little bit of vacation before starting school and a new internship in September. I've been doing a lot of reflecting and also getting excited for Fall's new beginnings. It really is my favorite time of the year: best weather, best fashion, smell of pumpkins and hot coco! I'm taking full advantage of it by relaxing (see bubble bath) and binge watching on TV shows I've been meaning to catch up on.

As a belated birthday gift, my parentals let me order a new rug (my old one was getting gross!) and it finally arrived this week. However, the thought of having to move all my furniture to take out the old one and roll out the new one was exhausting itself. But Sunday morning, I amped myself up and got to work. I used it also as a time to do some serious "spring" cleaning in my apartment. I did all by myself - who says you need a man? I like how it looks in my studio. Someday it will look more like Badgley Mischka's place featured on The Luxury Spot.

Sunday night I shockingly put Breaking Bad on hold for the VMAs. The promos had me thinking it might be a different show than the past and they only happen once a year. It was just okay. Kevin Hart should have hosted, it's always weird when they don't have a host. See my picks for Best & Worst Dressed. Now can we talk about Breaking Bad?! OMG!! My head is still spinning. This episode is exactly why the show is so brilliant with Walt making that confession. The endings have been killing me lately. So sad there are only 5 more episodes left but that means shit is about to go down!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. That rug looks great. And go you with doing a spring clean yourself. I'm a little bit scared to do it myself - I have a lot of things - many that need to be donated.

  2. Girrrrrrl! Breaking bad was too much! I was crying! I cant even get over it and yes shit is about to go DOWN! Proud if you setting up your place too! Love the rug!

  3. aww I'm sure we'll be crying as the episodes go on :(


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