August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: One Final Left!

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Today is my last final - hooray! Then I get the shortest summer break ever before starting up in the fall again. So this weekend (like most) was not very exciting since I spent most of my time studying.

Saturday my former LA roomie was visiting so I had brunch with her and her mom. Then it was back to studying and laundry. Saturday night I watched my Netflix which was The Oranges. It was quite the cast and it took place in West Orange, New Jersey. It was a cute movie. Reminds you not to settle in life and sometimes you need a little chaos to help you realize what you really want (especially in suburbia).
Instagram pic of me enjoying some fresh baked vegan peanut butter cookies while watching the game
Sunday was all about TV as it usually is. I was finally able to catch some pre-season football. I can't tell you how happy I am about football season returning!! Unfortunately, the Giants didn't look too hot tonight. Didn't even score a touchdown. You may have also noticed Dexter has dropped from my recaps. That's because Time Warner Cable is stupid! Thankfully I'm still able to watch my beloved Breaking Bad. It seems everyone is struggling with morality after Walt's truth comes to light. I really wanted to give Jesse and Hank a hug. Love Saul, "Monkey is in the banana patch!" lol.

By the way, have you heard Lady Gaga's new track "Applause"? What are your thoughts? I hope that makeup doesn't take off as a trend...

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Woo! Congrats on making it through finals!

  2. YAY! For one more final!! I had a yard sale over the weekend so I was busy hustling and working my butt off with my mom and of course I watched Breaking BAD!!!

  3. ooo yard sale... haven't been to one of those in ages!

  4. i'm not really feeling applause--it needs to grow on me


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