August 16, 2013

Review: Sally Hansen's Gel Cuticle Remover

I've been interested in trying a cuticle remover since mine are really dry. My sister picked me up Sally Hansen's Gel Cuticle Remover for my birthday. For approximately $5 you get .9 fl oz of product that gently softens and loosens excess cuticles. It's formulated with jojoba and kiwi extract as well as wheat protein that conditions and loosens cuticles.

Before // With gel // After results

Directions: Apply the gel around cuticles, wait 1-2 minutes (but no longer than 8-10). Use cuticle stick to push back cuticles. Wash away excess with warm water.


- Affordable
- Readily available (drugstores, Target, etc)
- Works quickly
- Nourish and softens cuticles


- It removes "excess" cuticles rather than cuticles in general so I think the product title is a little misleading

Have you ever tried a cuticle remover?

And since I left you without a manicure last week, here's what I had on my nails:
I can't keep real flowers alive, figured I try them on my nails feat Essie's Tart Deco


  1. Okay, so getting my cuticles cut during manicures totally freaks me out... they've been cut open too many times! I could totally get on board with this product, though.

  2. Cuticles are weird! That's all I have to say about that. :) Love your mani though.

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  3. Haha!! The flowers will last forever now! Or, at least until the chip. Haha! Thanks for the cuticle product review! :)

  4. Such a bright and cheery mani! Great review post :)


  5. I've been curious about cuticle remover products, but haven't tried one yet. Love how cheerful your nails look!

  6. So is it worth using?! I dont like getting my cuticles cut at the salon so this might keep me from having to do that,

  7. Love the mani chica! I have never used this type of product but I may add it to the nail care kit

  8. depends on what you're looking for. You shouldn't get them cut but there are stronger products on the market. If you want to remove dry cuticles and nourish the ones you have, then this is a good product :)

  9. @Curvatude thanks :) It's definitely a process but when your nails get dried out, it's good to give them some TLC

  10. @Alex yeah you definitely shouldn't cut them, only push them back. I definitely think I'll use this more in the winter my hands get super dried out

  11. I need to do a little cuticle TLC. I think I have one of their other cuticle products and it works pretty well :)


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