August 6, 2013

My August Julep Maven Box

Julep celebrated their 2 year anniversary with a Garden Party theme. I felt the colors were fairly similar to others I had so I selected It Girl and added-on the new beauty product (which is really what I wanted). I also kind of hoped that since it was my birthday month as well that they would have included an extra (rather than 200 points to my account) but no such luck. Here's what I received:

- 3 Nail Polishes ($14 each)
- Add-On: Moisture Mask Trio $20
- Extra: Forget-Me-Not Seeds

They definitely took the theme "Garden Party" literally by including these Forget-Me Not seeds. Where's my candy? I live in Manhattan... there are no gardens lol. Perhaps I can pass it on to my parents to plant in their garden.
Screenshot from Julep

Marjorie is described as a "citrus orange frost." Unfortunately this was part of the nail polish selection so I'm hoping to swap for another one with a fellow Julep Maven.

Nellie is described as a "pink fuchsia crème." I really liked this color. I think I could wear it all year round.

Fiore is described as an "espresso brown crème." It is a really rich coffee brown color that I'll definitely be wearing in the fall months. I guess this is the dirt part of the garden party theme?

I also added on the beauty item most of the other boxes featured because I wanted to try it. The Moisture Mask Trio will smooth your hands, soften your feet, and nourish your nails with these easy-to-use hydrating masks. I tried out the hand mask and boy was it fun! It felt a little ridiculous to be wearing around my apartment for a half hour but I liked the results. Not something I would do every night but good to hydrate your skin from time to time. The feet ones are going to be fun...

What did you get in your Julep Maven box this month?


  1. I wish I had gotten the moisture masks.

  2. @thefatandskinny they were fun! hehe

  3. Ooh that fiore colour is beautiful. I love dark nails in the fall!!


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