August 1, 2013

I'm on a Plane

I'm not here right now. I'm on a plane headed to California for the weekend. I'll be celebrating my 28th birthday Saturday and my oldest nephew Jacob (aka my birthday twin) will be turning 5! It's a short trip so hopefully you won't miss me too much but I thought I'd remind you of some of the travel posts I've featured on the blog while I'm gone:

- My packing tips that I still abide by.
- Beauty items I love to travel with (and help me avoid those pesky regulations!)
- Beauty Tips for Traveling from Blush and Beakers
- Guest post on how to travel light and still look like a million bucks.
- My guest post on how I pack for summer trips (like this one).

Stay tune tomorrow for a manicure that's fit for a 5-year old's birthday party!


  1. But you forgot to pack me!!! Hope you have a fab vaca and birthday!!!


  2. @heather aw shucks I knew i forget something (or someone).... lol

    Thank ya thank ya ;)


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