August 20, 2013

How To: Restring Your Drawstring Pants

Unfortunately, the string that tied my new LOFT pants broke. I asked my tailor what to do and he showed me how easy it was to put another string in. I thought it would be so difficult and was amazed this was something I could do myself. Just wanted to share in case any of you find yourself in a similar pickle.

All you need is the new string you're going to use (or the same one if it still is adequate) and a safety pin. If you're using new string like I did, then measure how out how long you need it to be. Since I was using pants, I measured my waist then added an additional 10 inches so I could make sure I had enough material to tie it.

Here are the steps:
YEY! Now I can wear my pants again

What life hacks have you discovered recently?

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