August 22, 2013

Guest Post: 5 Fall Shoe Trends I'm Loving

This guest post was submitted by fashionista, Lissa Malone, who enjoys sharing her knowledge on the current fashion trends and tips. 

With fall nipping at our heels, it’s time to turn our attention to the upcoming fabulous footwear trends of the season. Now you may think this means that straps and bold, vibrant colors are “out,” but this season, you’re wrong. The smoothest transition from warm to cool, fall styles are a unique blend of seasonal shoe icons. For a taste of the best of what’s to come, grab yourself one of these hot, little pairs:

Chinese Laundry’s “Crossfittt” boots ($150) is only one of many innovative composite designs for the season

1. Cut-Out Boots

A chic alternative to classic boot fashions, try the innovative cut-out boot. A composite of the standard bootie and heeled sandals, the cut-out boot is perfect for the semi-cool, sporadic weather patterns of fall. Wear them nude on a sunny day or pair them with tights when the clouds roll in. Either way, this design is meant to be an anytime, anywhere pair.
Steve Madden’s “Gladly” lace up heels ($129.95) are an ideal pick for this season

2. Lace Up Heels

Like delicate corsets for your feet, the lace up heel is a statement of femininity. The simple silhouette can easily transition from sweet to sexy with the changing hour, making it one of our most desirable shoe fashions this season. The laces should be the star of the show, so don’t pair them with an ensemble that is already visually overwhelming. Keep it simple to keep it chic.
Rock & Republic’s Loafers (on sale $18.97) purchased with Kohl's coupons offer the ultimate in savings on this seasonal shoe 

3. Detailed Loafers

The loafer is still on our fashion radar this season. Traditional prep school styles are getting embellished with some major accessories. Chains, tassels, piping and wingtips are only a few of the many makeovers that are hitting the shoe scene. A comfortable shoe with a stylish twist, the embellished loafer is sure to be a fall favorite!
Forever 21’s “Spot On” pumps ($22.80) present a powerful print that will go with almost any ensemble

4. Bold Print Pumps

Offset fall fashion, solid ensembles with a splash of spring reminiscence. Floral prints and whimsical patterns presented in an autumn palette are a perfect way to boost up your fall wardrobe. Pumps are a girls “go to.” They elongate, slim and create a chic profile, which every girl desires.
Journey’s Alcatraz Boot ($59.99) is an affordable over the knee boot with an flair for the fashionable

5. Sky High Boots

For tough girls keeping it street chic, boots can’t seem to get tall enough this fall. From over the knee to thigh high, anything goes this season. Elegantly edgy, sky-high boots present a sleek, yet dangerous silhouette that both women and men will love. Best yet, these boots can combat the cold!

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of being fashionably sensible. Another style revolution is on the way, so go grab some cutting edge fashion for your feet today!

What fall shoe trends are you loving?


  1. i LOVE fall. i am doing cutout booties already and i am also going to add shoes with lots of texture.

  2. I think I'm going to be all about the cut-out boots and detailed loafers this fall!

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  3. I love lace up heels - definitely one of my favourite shoe trends.


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