August 5, 2013

California Birthday Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Thursday when I flew out to California to celebrate my birthday with my birthday twin (my nephew Jacob - see blurry pic above). Before I left, I painted my nails with minions and EVERYONE loved them. The airport check-in lady, the cashier at the grocery store, another girl at the airport on my way home... success! Friday was a lot of running around putting goodie bags together for all the kids and making a LEGO cake (you can find anything on Pinterest!). I did manage to squeeze in some time with a friend who had just left the city to settle down in California - I still don't understand how anyone could leave the city! We saw Fruitvale Station which is about the true story of Oscar Grant who was shot by police at a BART station. It was an extremely sobering movie but an important story that needed to be told.

Birthday boy in his LEGO shirt // My brother having fun in the nerf gun room // Jacob's turn in the throne // Terrible photo of me not amused lol

Saturday was Jacob and I's actual birthday and his party. He had it at this place called Pump It Up!, which is an arena of bounce houses. Madness! Great idea for a 5-year old's birthday though since all the kids would be wiped out. Although... it seems the "big" kids had just as much if not more fun. My brother said that this was going to be his next birthday party. Once you're done playing they take you into a room for pizza and cake. For the birthday boy, they sat him on a thrown to sing "Happy Birthday." After everyone sang to Jacob he told his mommy that he wanted to do it for Auntie Kim. So I had to sit on the inflatable throne while everyone sang it again for me lol. Very sweet and considerate of the kid!
Later that night we went to Javier's for a grown-up birthday dinner for me. I enjoyed a virgin Pina Colada and delicious chicken fajitas. My nephews enjoyed watching Despicable Me on their momma's iPad (best invention ever!). I appreciated that my siblings put an effort to throw me my own separate party and remembering who started the "Cool People on August 3rd Day" in the first place!

Sunday I flew back since I have class today (Monday). Before boarding my flight I picked up Lucky Magazine's September issue (aka Eva Chen's first issue as EIC) since 1) it's kind of a big deal that she was selected as the new Editor-in-Chief and 2) I was curious to see what it looked like. I Instagrammed a pic before boarding and when I landed was excited to see that Eva herself had liked and commented on the pic! I think it looks much cleaner and more sophisticated. I was also looking forward  to watching Dexter but Time Warner Cable had cut it off. So mad they wouldn't shut it off until after the season has ended. I'll have to find another way. I also still need to catch up on Jay Z's "Piccasso Baby" on HBO - lots of fuss around it. The Luxury Spot felt all warm and fuzzy after watching it.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like it was a fun weekend! I just got my Lucky in the mail, haven't cracked it open yet...

  2. Your nails, I'm dying over how much I love them!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend away. So jealous of your nephews party too - I used to love those mad kiddy arena type bday places growing up. Hope you had a nice birthday too!

  4. awww how sweet of your nephew to have them sing to you too!!

  5. happy happy birthday! It was so great seeing you :)

  6. @Keri Bullock great seeing you :)

  7. yeah it was nice he is finally understanding that we share the same birthday. Last year he was very confused lol

  8. @Sherin haha growing we went to this roller rink place. That's where it was at! But the kids seemed to love these things.

  9. @Jennifer Durham Thanks so much :) Let me know your thoughts on Lucky... It's definitely a new direction but I like it.


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