August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad Has Returned!!

Nothing else really mattered to me this weekend except for the fact that the greatest show on television, Breaking Bad, has returned!! (oh... and finals are this week). There is going to be a major hole missing in quality television once this season ends. I'm so sad it's the final episodes. Somebody console me! I was thrilled that AMC ran a marathon before the premiere so I could remember all the plot points before the last season began since it's been awhile.

Otherwise my weekend was spent studying with some real brain food. Not. Although next time I might want to try some of these fashionable lollipops The Luxury Spot discovered. Saturday my professor held a review session so I went to that. On my way home I picked my Benefit birthday gift from Sephora. And went grocery shopping since I badly needed real food to survive on (not just chocolate). Saturday night was the premiere Larry David's new HBO movie, Clear History. It was a star studded cast with Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Jon Hamm and the list goes on. It was an hour and a half of Larry David-isms. I laughed my ass off but wasn't quite a fan of the ending. Just makes me want more Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Sunday was more homework and Sunday night... well you know what happened. The greatest event in television history (imho). The first episode flashes forward before the opening credits that paints a grim picture. Then something we thought would take all season happened at the end. I'm no longer routing for Walt. Then I tuned into The Newsroom where it seemed to be a ladies episode. Sloan shows why women today can't trust anyone with nude photos (lol). Don't do it ladies! Mackenzie makes some excellent points about millenials seeking fame and they also begin the Trayvon Martin case, which is still pretty fresh so Sorkin better tread lightly. And as if watching Breaking Bad for 9 hours wasn't enough, I had to tune into Talking Bad where Chris Hardwick hosts a discussion about the episode with other guests. I try not to spoil too much on Twitter so it's nice for me to over analyze with the other guests.

What did do you this weekend? 


  1. I'm so with you, I am going to miss Breaking Bad when it's gone. Lets enjoy it while it's still here.

  2. Gah, I need to catch up on all my Sunday shows tonight- Breaking Bad will be first! Best of luck with finals this week!


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