July 18, 2013

You Know You're Getting Old When...

True story...

My birthday is just a few weeks away. While I'll only be turning the ripe age of 28, I feel like I'm already a middle-aged woman. I've talked about my nightly routine where I like to unwind (and unplug) with a book or music before I fall asleep, which means I'm in bed by 11. Apparently that's early for some people. So here are some signs that I've already begun that remind me that I'm getting (especially #1):


1. Your morning routine resembles that of Carl from Pixar's Up.

2. Packs of teenagers are the WORST.

3. You've said on more than one occasion said "Damn kids."

4. You have lost track of the 'hip lingo.' Not saying I ever thought I was hip but I at least felt like I understood some of the jargon these "damn kids" used at one point in my life but this past year especially I feel ever more out of touch.

5. Anyone under 25 looks like a teenager to you. And it's scary.

6. The music is too loud at everywhere: bars, night clubs and even Abercrombie.

7. You have to eat before your 8 o'clock dinner plans. I can't wait that long to eat...

8. You've lost count of your gray hairs. 

9. You start thinking like someone's mother. I always want to tell girls their shorts/skirts are too short. "Do you realize your butt is hanging out?" I'm sure they don't care but I'm suddenly wanting to cover every young woman up.

10. You start forgetting where you put things. Or even scarier... you walk into a room and don't know why you're there.

11. Intelligence is the sexiest thing in a man. I know there are guys out there that by society's standards are "good looking" but I honestly can't be attracted to them because they have no substance. They talk and sound like morons. As a teenager I was attracted to physical features but it doesn't do it for me anymore. They have to be able to carry a conversation or else I feel like NeNe.

What other signs would you add to the list?


  1. LOL I am with you. My general patience for humans and all the annoying things they do is at an all time low but wait until you get my age (44) this list will be 3x as long!

  2. 9. You start thinking like someone's mother.


    Also, I love all of these visual aids.

  3. These were all fantastic. I will have to RT this post because I could not stop laughing...well, only to nod my head in agreement. :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  4. Haha, these are so true! And I'm 25. I find myself watching my shows and siding with the parents on every issue. Damn kids!

  5. @Curvatude lol oh I'm sure it will be... just scary that I'm not even 30 and I am such an ol' lady :p

  6. Haha so true. I'm 25 in a few days and I definitely already feel a bit old. My nights out are getting tamer now! And I find myself shaking my head at the antics of teenagers in public.

  7. you always want to stay in, going out dancing/drinking is too much effort...

  8. I agree with almost all of these, and I'm going to be the big 3-0 in a few short months... eek! Also, loving the visuals!

  9. @Sherin I think once you're in college... teenagers repaginate you and you actually aren't that far off from them :p

  10. @danni true! I prefer my Friday nights staying in, feet up on the couch, watching my Netflix :)


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