July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Heat Wave Edition

It reached record temperatures in the city towards the end of the week. It would be 100 degrees + humidity and the city doesn't get much of a breeze. But that didn't keep people from going outside! Friday my parents came into the city. My mom and I tried out Dry Bar. If you don't know... it's a salon where they only do blowouts or style your hair. No cuts or coloring. I've always wanted to try one since I barely put any effort into my hair. Your appointments are supposed to be approximately 35 minutes long since they're only shampooing and blow drying your hair. However, my appointment was over an hour. I have a lot of hair lol. This is why I hardly ever blow out my hair myself. But I love how my hair turned out. I'm going to follow The Luxury Spot's advice about how to make it last.

Saturday I sadly had a make-up class since my professor went on vacation during July 4th. It was nice to not have class during the 4th of July holiday but not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday. At least I was in air conditioning avoiding the heat for most of the afternoon. Saturday night I watched my Netflix, which was Spring Breakers. What a weird effing movie. It reminded me of a lot of movies mixed together (not in a good way). It is really not what you expect so if you want to be weirded out then watch it. The Britney Spears scene was hysterical (even though they were trying to be serious). James Franco really committed to his character - Alien, "a gangster with a heart of gold" as he described himself. I never went on Spring Break but pretty sure this is not what happens.
Sunday it finally cooled off. I opened my windows to save some energy with my AC. Sunday TV night was full of drama. On Dexter, Deb tried to take matters into her own hands. Things are finally getting juicy! And the The Newsroom just makes me sad about news all over again like the Troy Davis trial. A lot of people on my Twitter feed are hating this season. Not sure why... it seems to be the same Sorkin-style as last season.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Your hair looks fab! I've been to the dry bar once with a couple of co-workers a couple years back before our office Christimas party. def. want to go back.


  2. Your new hairstyle looks amazing! Those curls look amazing.

  3. Your hair looks great! Love Sunday night TV too - though I have to download on Monday morning on the other side of the Atlantic!! Sounds like you had managed a great weekend despite the heat!!

  4. @heather thank ya :) Ooh how fun! It definitely seems like a great girls night out type of place.

  5. @Jennifer Durham haha thank you... it's not an everyday occurrence

  6. @Regan oh thats a bummer! I try not to do any spoilers so I apologize in advance lol

  7. LOVEEEE your hair boo!! And boyyy was this heat wave ridic! I went to the Jay Z and JT concert on Friday it was amazing! Saturday was my anniversary and we went to see fuerza bruta which was also amazing! Sunday I got a new phone and am now on team android!


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