July 19, 2013

Review: CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Confession: I don't usually paint inside the lines when painting my nails. To clean them I usually just wait till they dry to peel away the polish. So while shopping the beauty aisles at my local CVS store, I decided to try their Nail Polish Corrector Pen for just $4.50 (although I'm sure non-Manhattan people can find it for less).

It comes with 4 replacement tips (which I found you needed a new one after applying to 10 nails). It has a nice edge to clean hard to reach places and to work around your nail. It doesn't bleed so it doesn't remove more nail polish then where you apply the felt tip.


Wearing Essie's Bikini So Teeny

Did you know for every $50 you spend on beauty products at CVS you get $5 back? Find out more at CVS Beauty Club.

How do you clean up your manicure?


  1. Well that sure looks like it works well! How much are the replacement tips? If they're reasonable, then I think this is a great idea! Sometimes I mess up, too, and it's annoying to wait for them to dry completely before picking off the rogue polish. Thanks for sharing this product!

  2. @jennie shaw 4 replacement tips are included. Not sure if they sell more separately. lol yeah I do that or shower so that the water softens the skin around my nail and let it fall off. This is great if you don't have that kind of time to clean up your mani!

  3. I've wondered how well this stuff works, so thanks for sharing this! I bought a container of pure acetone and use a small angled paintbrush dipped into acetone to remove my excess polish. It works really well but I know that acetone is notttt good for our nails/skin, so these eraser pens may be a safer bet.



  4. Interesting. I hadn't heard of this. I usually use q-tips dipped in nail polish remover. Not the best method. lol I'll have to add this to my Wish List!

    - Toria

  5. Do you know if these are sold online or only in CVS stores?

  6. I definitely use your old nail varnish tidy up method, but this sounds so much better! It makes your nails look so much more tidy and neat.

  7. @whereisharriet lol it's so lazy... but this definitely cleans up nicely and is gentle

  8. @Toria Mason I unfortunately couldn't find it on the CVS website. But I find it at my local store so it should be there.

    Yes, Q-Tips tend to wipe off too much polish in my experience and this has an angled tip that gets in the cracks. Hope you find it!

  9. @Bailey that's a good at home method but yeah I'd use a different nail polish remover. I like Zoya's. It's super gentle and my nails feel nourished after using.

    This pen features polish remover that is also gentle while doing a great job of removing polish.

  10. There are actually angled Q-tips, if I can't find this I might need to
    just try those. I looked up the nearest CVS store and it's 45 minutes
    away and I would have no way to get there that far, but maybe I can
    figure something out sometime. :)

  11. I have no idea why my post was turning out weird, couldn't get it to login right. Sorry :p

  12. @Toria Mason no worries. That's a bummer it's 45 minutes away. If you ever do any swaps with bloggers then perhaps you could request. I know the group I'm in on Facebook, girls who aren't near stores with certain items ask other girls to buy it for them then they send them money via PayPal. If there's a will... there's a way!

  13. Good idea, I'll keep that in mind if I ever do that. :)


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