July 23, 2013

My July Conscious Box

My Conscious Box subscription is coming to a close. I just realized that they do have a theme! This month's theme is "Nature's Fireworks." I have to say I was fairly disappointed with this month's box. Last month's box was great so I guess it was hard to top it. However, I received several repeat products, multiple tea products (its the middle of July where it's reached 100+ degrees here in NYC!) as well as lubricant (lol um no thanks). Here are some of the items I received (after discarding those unwanted items):

Parma! is an excellent food source of Omega 3's, B vitamins, including B12, protein, and trace minerals. Parma! is very low in sodium and it is considered a super food. Their products are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free. Garlicky Green contains less organic walnuts which are replaced with organic seeds, including pumpkin and hemp, along with kelp. I was a little skeptical at first (doesn't look very appetizing) but this was actually quite tasty. I added it to some pasta and it really enhanced the flavoring.
Computer Eye Relief helps your eyes feel refreshed by stimulating the body’s natural ability to relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue that may include blurred vision, hypersensitivity to light, and strained eyes. I wasn't too impressed with these. Not sure if the all-natural ingredients means it's just not as effective as my regular eye drops but I didn't notice any results.

Hydration Factor™ is a revolutionary new product designed to optimize hydration and combat dehydration. It’s not just another flavored electrolyte drink, but offers increased intracellular uptake, as well as an appropriate amount of electrolytes for regular use. It is designed as a “hydration reset product” which can increase fluid intake, increase cellular hydration, and reset optimal fluid intake levels. It reminded me of my detox experience. I didn't feel all these powerful effects drinking it and it didn't actually quench my thirst very much.

I haven't had a chance to try the teas yet because it's been 100 degrees here in Manhattan but I'm sure I'll use them in the fall/winter. The Bambooee towel is great - it absorbs really well. I'll update once I've washed it to see if it retains it's absorbency or becomes flimsy.

Would you try any of these products?

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