July 11, 2013

Jade & Jasper Press Preview

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting the Jade & Jasper offices to view their recent collections and play with some jewelry. Jade & Jasper is the vision of a jewelry designer who has been designing for other household names in the industry for 30 years but wanted to make her own pieces. She wanted to make jewelry fun and accessible for women everywhere. The most expensive item is around $150, which is a great deal for these quality pieces. Launching within the next month will be 7 new collections:

The Champagne & Caviar collection is very Great Gatsby-esque. The collection features elegant white and polished gold jewelry that will make a statement.
Lavish Champagne Necklace $148 // Zsa Zsa Galore Necklace $138 // Prata Drop Earrings $49

My favorite collection was called Urban Grunge and it features plenty of studs and mixed metals.
Spiked Hadley Necklace $76 // Studded Revolver Bangles $38 // Stakes Bracelet $49 // Crystal Skull Earrings $22

What is your favorite piece?


  1. Pretty jewelry! I love that spoked necklace. And all of the earrings are gorgeous!

  2. This is pretty! A tad expensive though... would like to see it in person!

  3. @Alex it is pretty to see in person

  4. @jointhegossip yes I love all the spikes!

  5. Such beautiful necklaces and bracelets. I like the new look of your blog, by the way!

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