July 8, 2013

4th of July Weekend Recap

Some flooding in Jersey // Ready to eat

As I mentioned last week my sister finally was able to come into the city to see where I live. Unfortunately, it did not stop pouring all day. She did see mine and my brother's apartment as well as the High Line. We went to a ramen place Ippudo, which was quite to delicious. The weather was all over the place this past week - it went from torrential downpour to sweltering hot humidity where it was almost unbearable to be outside. We also experienced some "brown-outs" or temporary black outs which our efforts to save on electricity during hot summer days. Fun times!

The weekend was full of pool time and barbecuing. Everyone pretty much over ate. I couldn't resist my favorite: Carvel ice cream cake! My Dad kept the grill going and we even needed a new propane tank. We made daily trips to the grocery store to try and feed the crowd. At the low end we had 11 people sleeping at my parent's house. We like to stick together.
Uncle John & Zach // Big winner! // Jacob fishing for a prize // My prizes
Friday night while trying to beat the heat we hit the boardwalk. It was great to see it up and running after the Sandy damage. There's a weird line where the old boardwalk ends and the new one begins. I taught my nephews about minions from Despicable Me and they were desperate to win one at one of the games. Zach won a giant dragon and Jacob eventually won his minion. I also happened to win one - yippee!
Zach at the ER // Boys cuddled up on the couch (do they have enough stuff?!)
Saturday my sister was supposed to fly home but Zach was diagnosed with swimmer's ear so it was better to give him a day to recover. I remember those awful days of ear infections and getting on a plane with one is the worst so I felt bad for the little guy. He loved going in the pool so much.

Sunday bright and early my brother drove the clan to the airport where we said our goodbyes. Then he drove me back to my apartment where some lovely packages greeted me at the door and homework was awaiting. Back to the regular schedule.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Aww, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with family (minus the swimmer's ear, of course... poor little guy!).

  2. The stuffed minion is adorable!


  3. Sounds like a good weekend minus the swimmers ear :( I def need to come up for a VDW family get together!! I spent my 4th at the beach and saw fireworks with some of my friends and then was working all weekend, but snuck in some time with the boo!!

  4. @Marissa yeah it was a packed weekend

  5. @Audrey Allure hehe I heart minions

  6. I believe I deserve photo credit on this post! Nice recap, glad I got to come into the City!

  7. Poor Zach, I hope he's feeling better. And boo to the rain. It's overcast today and supposedly raining in different parts but otherwise been nice weather. Despite those two things it sounds/looks like a great weekend with family! :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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