June 10, 2013

What to Get Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Guide
I don't know about you but in my family, men are the hardest ones to shop for! This year my Dad had a list but there were only 2 items. I said "but Dad you have 3 children..." so he told two of us to split one item (lol). I did manage to come up with a gift idea that I'm actually proud of myself for coming up with (pat on the back). These are some guidelines that I use for what to get your Dad this Father's Day:
- Keep them looking stylish. When my brother was graduating college and starting law school, I got him a Trunk Club membership to help step up his style game. MYHABIT is having a great sale on gifts for Dad all under $50 including this stylish belt. Sometimes men need a little help in the fashion department so it's up to us to buy them fashionable items.

- Anything sports. Pretty much for any man in your life you can get them sports related gifts. In our family, we started a new tradition now that my brother and I live in New York of going to a baseball game in honor of Father's Day. My Dad also loves to golf and in fact his list for gift ideas this year were all golf items.

- Hobbies. This is always a good idea for any gift - find them something related to one of their hobbies. My Dad is really into gardening now that he's retired and has time to look after the plants. My gift this year is gardening related - no spoilers! But I'm pretty excited about it.

- Books. My Dad is retired so he has a lot of leisure time to read books including "Washington: A Life's" 900+ page turner. Amazon has a nice gift guide of book choices for every Dad.

- Grooming. Men are paying more attention to their grooming habits. There's a reason why subscription boxes like Birchbox Man have been created. Some great grooming products for men: DHC Face CreamEVOLUTIONMAN Cleanse & Shave, Baxter of California shaving brush (I actually got my brother an item from this store for his birthday this year- ssshhh).

What are you getting your Dad for Father's Day this year?


  1. Great ideas. I'm struggling with my dad this year! I quite like the idea of sport tickets. Maybe cricket for my dad!

  2. Love this list- great ideas! I'm going classic with a polo shirt and some wine- a little boring, but I know he likes both!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I tried to write back but it listed you as a "no reply.comment@blogger.com"!


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