June 26, 2013

Trend I'm Currently Craving: Tomboy

Tomboy Chic
Striped Band Men's Fedora from David & Young $36 // Lightweight end-on-end shirt in bold lime stripe from J.Crew $64.50 // Raen Nevin in Tortoise sunglasses from Need Supply $80 // Stay Festooned Flat from ModCloth $32.99 // LOFT Boyfriend Jeans in Very Vintage Blue (on sale $39.88)

I'm officially old enough to be alive to see a childhood trend come full circle in my adult life. Tomboy! Young Kim was a full fledge tomboy. Overalls. Bandanas. Much rather be in the dirt than at the salon. Doesn't seem like the usual type to go to fashion school. However, as I mentioned in my "About the blog" section, having to wear uniforms half of my life I saw fashion as a form of rebellion. I did my experimenting but now in my late twenties I've settled back into what I call "tomboy chic." I am more comfortable in jeans than a dress or skirt. Now my jeans just fit my curves better.

I wrote a post about how I shop in the kids section. Some criticized that kids clothes aren't meant for an adult figure, which I agree. However, there are items you can still purchase in the kids department. InStyle this month featured this exact issue stating how petite women can buy a boys blazer so that it hits the right part of your body. Not only do I like to shop the kids section (it's cheaper!) but I do most of my shopping in the boys department. I also shop the men's department for things like hats and sunglasses since I have a big head. Men's items have more of a relaxed fit that I enjoy. This t-shirt from MYHABIT is one of the most comfortable shirts I own.

I recently bought a new boys t-shirt from Hautelook that I adore. It says "Made in Manhattan" and was just $14. I recently wore it with my favorite boyfriend jeans from LOFT and these sandals that I've been living in all summer:
Boyfriend jeans c/o LOFT // DiLascia's Bakery boys t-shirt via Hautelook // Miz Mooz Ann Sandals via Zappos

How do you feel about the tomboy trend?

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  1. I like the tomboy trend but it reminds me of the phase I went through in Junior High when I wore khaki cargo pants that were from the boys section..... YIKES! Not my proudest fashion moment.


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