June 20, 2013

Tips For Protecting Your Sensitive Skin This Summer

With the kick-off to summer officially tomorrow, it is important to prep and protect your skin. As someone who has sensitive skin, I can tell you that spending time in the sun and sand is not always fun. I'm Irish & Dutch so I don't ever get tan. I just burn (if I don't use the right sun protection) and get freckles. Simple® Advisory Board celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass who has worked with celebs like Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez, Katie Holmes, and Debra Messing shared her tips for protecting your sensitive skin:

- Shield skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays everyday. It goes without saying that sunscreen is a must, but those with sensitive skin should take extra precautionary measures. Make sure to wear a moisturizer with at least an SPF 15 whenever leaving the house. Wide-brimmed, floppy hats are not only on-trend, but also a great way to provide extra protection from the sun’s rays.

- Use gentle skincare products that won't irritate. When cleansing skin to remove impurities after a day of sun and sweat, those with sensitive skin should try drying their face with clean cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. Towels are often too rough on skin. I love Simple's products because they're gentle especially their Foaming Facial Cleanser.

- Know what you’re putting on your skin. This is super important for anyone with sensitive skin. Be aware of what makes you have reaction so that you can avoid purchasing any other products with that ingredient. I enjoy Simple's products because they are made without using perfumes, dyes and harsh chemicals. Whenever I have a bad breakout, I know I can rely on Simple to calm my skin down.

Gita also shared her top makeup tip with me, which I love and abide by: “Take really good care of your skin. If your skin is healthy looking, your make-up is halfway done.”

How do you protect your skin during the summer?

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