June 28, 2013

Subscription Box Fail: RocksBox

I saw the interwebs all a buzz over this new subscription box service - RocksBox. What is it you ask? It's a jewelry subscription/rental service where you fill out a style profile (remember this for later in the post), they'll send you 3 designer pieces, you can then wear them for up to 60 days. If you want to keep the items, you can purchase them at members-only discounted prices. A month-to-month subscription is $19.99 but if you subscribe in a bundle then a month is $15.

My box arrives and it's super cute. You open it, all the jewelry is wrapped in a pink bow. I open the package and disappointment sinks in. I open the first piece: Untouched & Arrived Bracelet in Tobacco from Samantha Wills (retail $160). I would never wear this item. Second piece: Karatasie Ring from MADE (retail $30), so not my style. Third piece: Akil Necklace in Black Jade & Silver from Robyn Rhodes (retail $78) looks super cheap and once again... not my style.

They completely missed the mark on my tastes even though I filled out a style profile. I don't want this to be a reflection of the designers. I checked their sites and they all seem cool. Samantha Wills is more bohemian, Robyn Rhodes has some really cool rock jewelry, and MADE is fair-trade which is awesome. But I don't see the point of me spending $20 to have to spend more on the jewelry pieces I want. So if I wanted the bracelet I would have to spend another $128 on top of the subscription fee ($20), which would come out to approximately $150 for one piece! Thankfully if you don't want any items then you can return them with no charge.

I saw mixed reviews on the web so I'm not the only unhappy customer. I even saw reports of the jewelry turning your skin green, which is the sign of cheap jewelry. I'm glad I only committed to one month because I am returning everything with a bad taste left over in my mouth.

Have you signed up for RocksBox? What was your experience?


  1. The design of the Samantha Wills bracelet is nice, but not really what I'd call $160 nice, you know? Also it's kind of weird that you can't zoom in very much on the products on her website... when designers do that I always wonder what they're hiding.

    I thought of doing a service like this once. But yeah, it's really difficult.

  2. So fun! I like the idea of borrowing jewelry!

  3. So bad! Yikes. I just shipped my first box back...can't wait to see how the 2nd one is.

  4. @Christina You can only "borrow" it for 60 days otherwise you have to buy it

  5. @Olivia Frescura oh man! You got a second box?! I'm not even giving them another chance lol

  6. @Alex oh good point. They probably just don't have quality photographers. I liked my Wantable box but that's $40 which I can't see myself spending every month :/

  7. I received a free subscription via iFabbo, so I am in the process of writing a review for RocksBox. IT sucks that they blew the mark with your styles.


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