June 17, 2013

Never A Dull Moment in New York City

Waffles @ The Smith // Adorable Father's Day card // Framed car pic // Our seats from Left Field // The least flattering pic of me, my Dad and bro at the game

This post was supposed to be the kick-off to Summer Fun Week here on the blog but this weekend was honestly a little rough for me. Saturday evening threw a whole wrench in what was supposed to be a lovely weekend. It was Father's Day and my brother's day (they always fall within a day of each other) so my parents were in town to celebrate. But it would be a memorable one for other reasons.

Saturday started innocently enough. Had brunch at The Smith (my favorite) with my family. I gave my Dad part 1 of his gift (I enlarged a picture of his favorite car growing up and framed it). Then my brother, Dad and I headed to a Mets game (we had to settle since the Yankees were out of town). It was a hot day but we had great seats under the shade. We enjoyed some Shake Shack. After the game we headed to dinner in the West Village at Corsino. Followed by my Dad's craving of blueberry pie at Westville where I had some warm apple pie with ice cream - quite delicious. But my night was just beginning....
Can you see the big smoke cloud? Typical New Yorkers all standing around even though an explosion just happened

At around 9pm my parents were walking me back home after a lovely Father's Day dinner and we were only like 100 feet from my apartment when a manhole exploded literally in front of my apartment building. It was a super loud sound. Nothing like I ever heard. It immediately smelled like gas so my mom grabbed my arm trying to get me off the street thinking that other manholes on the street were going to explode too. Thankfully they were staying at a hotel not too far away so we went there. I tried to find out what was happening on Twitter. I desperately just wanted to sleep in my own bed so around 10:30 my Dad and I walked back. Smoke was still pouring up in the sky. The police officers wouldn't let anyone walk down the street so I ended up having to sleep on a cot in the clothes I was wearing. Not how I envisioned the weekend going.

Still working on the hole...

Sunday morning had breakfast with my parents at their hotel room. Then they brought me back to my apartment to assess the damage. The street was still closed off and there were several ConEd trucks occupying it. There were some windows blown out but overall not a lot damage. My door man said that apparently steam from the manhole ignited a spark under a car so the biggest sound was the car engine exploding. Lovely. Thankfully no one was hurt and my building is fine. But Sunday I was exhausted (didn't sleep well on the cot) so I was all thrown out of whack.

But in good news, stay tuned all this week as I'll be bringing you posts about how to have a great summer choc full of beauty tips and tutorials.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt! ~ Elizabeth Rice of GirlGotGlitter

  2. OMG! So sorry to hear about your weekend. That must have been awful to see, and so close to home! Glad you're ok.

  3. I was loving your IG pics from this weekend. So much great food and fun with the fam! That's scary about the manhole though! Glad you're safe!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Thanks... it was all going well lol

  5. Thanks :) It was definitely a memorable night


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