June 5, 2013

My First Detox Experience

Cleanses and detoxes are a big trend. I'm constantly reading in my social networks feeds about people participating in one for a few days or for longer periods of times. I've been intrigued but never wanted to pay the heavy price tag. I received blisslabs™ nutricosmetics fatgirlcleanse™ two-day detox in my Fitness Magazine goodie bag. 2 days? I could handle that! It seemed like a do-able option since it says don't drink on an empty stomach and drink the supplements along with a healthy diet. It retails for $48 and has plenty of packets for 2 days.

Claims: "This two-part, two-day system helps banish your body's built-up impurities while making you feel refreshed with a unique blend of nutrients that helps support your body's natural detoxification process and promote internal imbalance. It's the perfect way to help you clean up your act (and your digestive tract) before starting a new diet or healthy living program."
Directions: Starting in the morning, empty contents of 1 packet of the AM mix into 6-8 fl oz of cold water and mix well. Drink one serving approximately every 3 hours for a total of 4 servings daily. Before bed, empty contents of on PM packet into 6-8 fl oz of cold water and mix well.

Day 1: I mixed the AM lemonade packet in a large glass to go along with my typical breakfast. The AM lemonade flavor was quite delicious. It recommends drinking one every 3 hours so I had one around lunch and one before dinner. Not to be too TMI but I could not stop going to the bathroom!!! It was starting to be an inconvenience.

By the nighttime, I was THIRSTY. I rarely "crave" water but I chugged a full water bottle. It could have been the heat wave here in New York but it could also be that the detox was not very hydrating but since I couldn't stop going to the bathroom I had no interest in drinking other things. I decided to skip the PM packet because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go to sleep. Of course I still had a restless night with multiple trips to the bathroom.

Day 2: I decided to lighten the load since I wasn't looking forward to spending the day in the bathroom. I did one morning drink with my breakfast and a nighttime packet since I didn't do it Day 1. The berry flavor was not my favorite.

I know I didn't follow strictly to the plan but I don't know how people go to work and do this detox since I couldn't stay out of the bathroom. I don't think this detox was the best fit for me although I do like that you can still eat regularly with it. Not sure I feel "cleansed" or anything. Definitely flushed out my system (if you want know what I mean).

Have you ever done a detox? How did it go?


  1. Haha, besides going to the bathroom a lot this definitely sounds better than other cleanses since you get to eat food too -- I don't think I can go on for days on just juices.

  2. Hahaha yeah... awkward. Not sure this one would be right for me either!

  3. I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for a while now and doing some research on which one would be right for me. I didn't know about this one, but thanks to your post I decided to order it! It was sold out at Bliss, but I found it at Sephora!

    Xo - Christy


  4. Yeah I don't think that's a healthy way to go. I'm sure drinking only juices makes you go to the bathroom too

  5. haha yeah... the search continues

  6. Laura did a sort of "detox" that lasts 30 days but what you do is slowly eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet week by week until you're down to just raw foods. I think that's the best way to go... gradually ween yourself off


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