June 10, 2013

I Ate Too Many Calories This Weekend...

Friday was a wet and dreary day here in New York. I was going to meet up with friends to see the new movie Dirty Wars but after being outside and getting drenched, I didn't feel like going back out so instead I ordered in some Italian food and treated myself to zeppoles. Chowed down while catching up on TV and tuned into my new favorite comedy show, Maron on IFC. Perfect night in.

Saturday was dedicated doing the usual - homework. I have my first quiz Tuesday so I'm preparing for that while doing the usual 12 hour homework load (fun times). Saturday night I watched my Netflix, Warm Bodies, which was actually kind of cute. It's basically a post-apocalyptic rom com that I totally wasn't expecting to like. But it had an undertone of if we all saw past our differences then the world would be a better place.
Sunday didn't go according to plan but I was still able to meet up with Alex and Francisca for brunch at this cute little restaurant in the East Village called Tink's. I had the "Cinnabon" pancakes and Alex & Francisca had the chicken & waffles. (If you can't eat those then The Luxury Spot has a delicious recipe for some gluten-free waffles). Everything was delicious! At the end of our meal they gave us our check in an old book with some Dum Dum lollipops. Haven't had a dum dum in awhile. Then we decided to browse some thrift shops in the area since it was so nice out but I had to protect my wallet. Sunday night was the Game of Thrones season finale which I'm very upset about it. No spoilers but a lot people found their way "home" and the finale set up a lot of what we can expect in Season 4. It went by so fast... I hope the wait for next season goes by quickly!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I'm actually in an "eat a ton of calories" mood today...seeing if I can stop myself. But anyway, I thought Warm Bodies was super cute too. And the last 2 episodes of GOT---wowza! Already can't wait for next season.

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  2. I want to watch Warm Bodies, I keep hearing good things. And I totally need to get on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Everyone keeps talking about how good it is.

    Thanks for linking up!!


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