May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap: FINALS!!

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Finals start this week - cue Kim freaking out! Taking my first final probably while you're reading this. Lucky you!

Friday I hunkered down to work on the massive amount of work due in the next few days but then around 6:30 my brain was fried. I met up with Laura for dinner and we were both oddly craving nachos so we decided to hit up Blockheads. Unfortunately, we forgot it was Cinco de Mayo weekend and people were kicking it off already so there was an hour wait. But it's always a good time with Laura. And thankfully my Knicks finally finished their round with the Celtics and were able to move onto the Pacers (which they lost the 1st game - we'll get 'em back!).

Saturday was all work, no play. But thankfully one of my favorite people, Zach Galifinakis, was hosting SNL. I think he did an okay job. Definitely featured a lot of his quirky humor. My favorite sketch was probably the Game of Thrones game because sadly I knew most of the answers (lol!). There's no other place that knowledge is useful. The guest stars also helped!
There are some sexy men on Sunday night TV
Sunday I hosted team members from one of my group projects at my apartment so we could run through our presentation before Wednesday. That unfortunately didn't go as planned. Then it was back to studying but I had to tune into my beloved Game of Thrones! Another important lesson: incest produces psychos! Joffrey is one messed up kid. This episode was a little boring but I know it's building up to some great stuff. Then on Mad Men, Don made some big moves. We officially know the date is May 17th, 1968 so now we can kind of predict some historical events that will be happening. Excited to see Peggy back with the gang.

Here's my upcoming schedule this week:
Monday - Final
Tuesday - Take home final due
Wednesday - Final presentation
Thursday - Final

What did you do this weekend?


  1. hhaha love these illustrations :)

    Don't worry you will do just fine :)

    I have faith in you ;)

    Kisses !


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