May 20, 2013

My First Conscious Box

I signed up for a 3-month Vegan subscription to Conscious Box through Fab about a month ago and have been impatiently waiting for my first box to arrive. This tiny box arrived that weighed more than what it seemed like it could handle. Inside there were TONS of products. The most I've ever seen in a subscription box! I kind of wish there were as a card to keep track of all the items but since there were so many products I understand that it would be hard to summarize them all (*Update: They sent a follow up email listing all the items in the box). Here's what was inside:

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets (set of 2/ 25 ct $11.79) | Happy Hemp Toasted Hemp Seeds (2 oz $6) | Dream Water 0-Calorie Sleep and Relaxation Shot in Snoozeberry (2 fl oz each/4 pack $14.99) | Veria HD Oil Embargo Clarifying Shampoo (.18 oz/8.5 fl oz $11) & Light-Headed Conditioner (.18 oz/8.5 fl oz $11) | suki butter cream salve (.13 fl oz/2 fl oz $27.95) | Bija Lemon Ginger Echinacea (20 bags $7.49) | Graw Bar Original flavor (1.4 oz $2.99) | Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen (.04 oz/3 oz $11.99) | Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste in Peppermint and Lemon Twist (full size $7.99) | Ultima Replenisher in Lemonade (.15 oz packet/30 servings $16) 

I did my best to try all the products before posting...

Happy Hemp products are vegan, gluten and GMO free. P.S. They have a super adorable website. These toasted hemp seeds reminded me of sunflower seeds but much smaller and crunchier. They weren't bad tasting but wasn't a fan of them getting all up in the crevices of my teeth.

I've never tried a sleep aid before so I was a little nervous. The Blueberry Pomegranate flavor was potent and hard to drink just the 2 ounces. I took it a half hour before you want to fall asleep (as it says) but didn't feel it kick in until an hour or an hour and a half (which I was already exhausted by then). I slept terribly! I woke 3 times in the night and was groggy in the morning so definitely did not help me sleep better.

I haven't yet tried these products but supposedly they use Ayurveda practices and I coincidently just learned about Ayurveda in my marketing class a few weeks ago! It's really fascinating stuff but had no idea that it translated to beauty products. Veria describes it as: "This nourishing shampoo finds perfect clarity with Neem—India’s secret to gorgeous hair and a healthy scalp—plus natural astringents to help absorb and control oil without drying everything out. Our KAPHA Herbal Complex—with calming Soapnut bark, plus Neem, Coleus and Vitex oils (scalp balancers)." I'll keep you updated once I get a chance to review. *UPDATE: I said I'd keep you updated once I used the products. The shampoo irritated my scalp a little but both did a good job cleaning and moisturizing my hair. Wish the sample was bigger since I needed more for my long hair.

This salve is a multi-functional, non-greasy therapeutic organic balm that relieves and calms inflammation, redness and irritation, chaffing and provide, and provides long-lasting moisture. Made with organic cocoa butter and organic lavender extract. Loved this stuff! Super rich and moisturizing. Only needed a small amount for my hands.

My family are big tea drinkers. But we usually opt for Lipton. This tea bag is made of a powerful Ayurvedic formula that combines warming ginger and invigorating lemon to improve poor digestion, one of the root causes of disease, while immune building echincaea stimulates the defense system. Definitely a delicious tea to start your day off right.

Gluten free granola bar in the original "Citrus-Cinnamon" flavor that some say "tastes like Christmas!" I didn't think it tasted like Christmas... it wasn't a very pleasant tasting bar but it did fill me up.

Probably one of the hardest things to go "green" on is toothpaste (deodorant is probably my #1) because I never feel like I get the same clean. Earthpaste said "We wanted a toothpaste that was as natural as possible, so we started with hydrated Redmond Clay and added Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. And that’s it. Earthpaste is amazingly natural toothpaste." There is no glycerin, fluoride, artificial coloring or foaming agents. It's safe to eat and is all natural. It's not very pleasing to the eye (as you can see). But it didn't taste as awful as it looked... in fact is was fairly tasteless. My mouth felt cleaned but was only able to get one cleaning so would be interested in trying it for a week.

"Today's sport drinks are loaded with sugar (calories!) and salt, not to mention artificlal colors, flavors and sweeteners. Ultima Replenisher has minimal process carbs and nothing artificial. It is a great tasting way to replenish 8 essential electrolytes." This electrolyte powder is non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, has zero sugar or artificial flavoring/colors or sweeteners as well as no MSG, soy or Corn. Didn't have much of a taste but not sure I felt any difference in my body using it.

Would you sign up for a Conscious Box?


  1. I found this to be interesting. I think this is a great start for someone looking to go more green in their daily life. However the bar doesn't look appetizing and the idea of something tasting like Christmas sounds unpleasant (to me I think pine tree taste lol). Also that toothpaste...mmmm I don't know about that LOL. I don't think I'd sign up for it, I'm not much a box sample fan, but I would def. recommend this to my vegan friends.


  2. Wow, that IS a lot of product! Not sure I would sign up for it...maybe if it was refined a bit more.

    Kate - New Giveaway today!

  3. I love hearing about new Vegan and gluten-free samples!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That toothpaste looks disgusting...

  5. I don't think I'd be down for this box haha. Nothing looks that exciting. And the toothpaste looks nasty lol! Glad it was at least tasteless :)

  6. Whoa! That's a ton of stuff-- awesome! The toothpaste does look a bit bizarre though...

  7. haha yeah, it was probably the weirdest item of all the items

  8. Yeah I don't like things that taste like Christmas :/ But definitely brands you can get introduced to. I already knew some of them were "eco-friendly" but great to learn more about more.


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