May 25, 2013

My Favorite Pieces From LOFT's Summer Collection

Wendy & I goofing around

Currently I'm in New Jersey for Memorial Day weekend. The weather has been quite warm and humid here on the East Coast which has me ready for summer clothes. Earlier in the week I mentioned how I had a chance to preview LOFT's summer collection. I loved everything they had on deck for June. There were a lot of tribal inspiration, prints, rompers/pantsuits, crochet and of course nautical. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

This linen nautical navy & white striped blazer is perfect for the summer. These dresses were super lightweight and had great prints.
Probably the highlight of the collection were this pantsuit and short romper. Both had fabulous prints and would be super chic for the summer.
If you're not int pantsuits then they have an adorable shorts version with the same print. I'm also LOVING those printed navy/crimson pants. Must get my hands on them! My friend Wendy also purchased these fabulous printed pants which are currently available.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

All images courtesy of LOFT


  1. OMG so cute! I love your photo! Haven't been to LOFT in ages... maybe I'll pop by next time I'm in Flatiron.

  2. Loooks like they have some great pieces. Love the look of those dresses.

  3. that striped linen blazer is really cute. I want a striped blazer - in my mind it'll go with just about anything!!

  4. A striped blazer is a great wardrobe addition!

  5. hehe should definitely go... they've got cute stuff now!

  6. Oh man, that would be dangerous! Luckily they have great sales :)


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