May 15, 2013

HowAboutWe's Book Launch of "Modern Dating: A Field Guide"

On Friday night I hosted some of my single friends at my apartment for the launch of online dating site's new book "Modern Dating: A Field Guide." I've been a member of HowAboutWe since it first launched and like it's refreshing take on modern dating. We munched on some snacks and sipped on some wine and divulged our online dating experiences.

I'm an online dating connoisseur (aka tried many sites) where as my friends are still skeptical about it. We laughed about some of the tidbits in the book, had great discussions about changes in the "modern dating" world and had some disagreements. I found the chapter about social media very interesting. Every woman I know uses Facebook to stalk people. Although I love Twitter, not sure I'd ever use it to find a boyfriend. Still uncharted territory for many. But Facebook has been easily integrated into our stalking dating scene.

"Modern Dating: A Field Guide" is written by Chiara Atik with a forward HowAboutWe co-founders Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout. "Modern Dating," like Helen Gurley Brown's "Sex and the Single Girl" 60s manifesto, heralds an entirely new dating era where the world of modern relationships is as flexible and confusing as ever.

The book is filled with fun graphic how-to's, infographics, charts and guest-posts from the likes of Hanna Rosin (The End of Men) and Lauren Leto (Texts from Last Night.) From pre-date Googling stalking, to splitting the check, to the art of the sext and taking a sexy selfi --  Modern Dating guides readers through all the triumphs and pitfalls of what dating is actually like in the 21st century.

Inside readers will enjoy:

· Seventy out-of-the-box date ideas.
· A fascinating infograph on the evolution of dating from the 1100s to present—do you know what era condoms first existed and what they were made of? Or the era that ushered in the phrases “going steady” and “long term”?
· Expert advice from Hanna Rosin (Author of “The End of Men”), Katie Heaney (Editor at Buzzfeed, Author of “Never Have I Ever”), Leandra Medine of, Lauren Leto (Founder, Texts from Last Night, author “Judging a Book By Its Lover”), and Claire Cavanaugh, founder of Babeland.
· Funny and useful flowcharts, such as “Can We Be Friends With Benefits?” and “Should I Ask Him Out?"

Not sure when to text after a date? Trying to find the right online dating profile picture? Found out that the guy you really like is terrible in bed? This book is an encouraging yet practical resource for women at all stages of the dating game. Whether you’re single and looking, casually dating, or really ready to find a serious relationship, the tips, anecdotes, and stories will help ease the frustrations of dating.

About the authors:

Chiara Atik is a writer and blogger, recently described by Gawker as “The Girl You Wish You Knew When You Moved to New York.” Her writing has been featured on,, The Hairpin,, and Yahoo! Shine.

Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout are the pioneers of the offline dating movement. They launched in 2010 and spend their days creating a fundamentally new way for people to find and sustain love, one date at a time.

P.S. Enjoy 3 free months to HowAboutWe with the purchase of "Modern Dating: A Field Guide"—a $54 value!

Would you check out this book?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for HowAboutWe. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I've been curious about trying How About We for couples, but have been waiting to hear how other people like it!


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