May 7, 2013

Hair Chalk Wasn't Meant For My Hair...

Hair chalk was a big trend last summer and it looks like it's sticking around this summer. I remember seeing Lauren Conrad's hair on her site The Beauty Department with gorgeous colors and thinking "I want to try that!" Unfortunately I haven't had the best luck with the products I've tried thus far.

I received Scunci's Hair Chalk product in my Getting Gorgeous goodie bag from CVS Beauty. I've tried other hair chalk but it quickly faded out of my dark brown hair. I had hopes this little tool would get the job done!

It comes with a handy clamp-like tool where you can insert the chalk. It came with pink and teal chalk colors.

L: Pink didn't work // R: So I tried the teal...
It recommended using spray on your hair if you have dark hair so I did. However, I found that just made things sticky. I practically scrubbed the tips of my hair with the chalk trying to get the color to show. It would for like 10 seconds then quickly fade away and it was definitely all gone once I brushed my hair.

So all I was left with was...

A big ol' mess!

Hair chalk is a fun trend to try if you want to give your summer hair a little color but it's definitely not a permanent styles since chalk doesn't go well with the oils found naturally in hair. I guess this sadly is one trend I won't be able to pull off. But in good news... did you know for every $50 you spend on beauty products at CVS you get $5 back?! I didn't! Find out more at CVS Beauty Club.

Have you ever tried hair chalk before? Did it work for you?


  1. I still want to give this a try but I don't think i'd use the "hair chalk" i have a feeling using soft pastels might just be better. I really need to go through my apartment to see if we have any laying around lol

    I love that you posted this. It's great to see things that go ...wrong...only because it's a different perspective that you don't get to usually see. also makes the blogger (even if you know them) more real.


  2. Ahh, shame it didn't work out. It has potential to be a great product, but I guess not for everyone. Oh well.

  3. Doesn't work unless you're blond. :/ It's not even good for your hair. I asked my art teacher and she was like "I thought on the elementary kids put that in their hair..." LOL.

  4. Looks so cool! Love the first pic. I have had some luck with hair chalking on my dark hair, that just must be a bad formula.

  5. Oh no!! I've never tried hair chalk. How does it keep from coming off on everyone's clothes??

  6. lol right?! I don't think chalk was meant for hair :p

  7. You should use hot huez hair chalk! It works on all colors of hair! They sell it at Walmart and riteaid

  8. Yeah it only works for bl0nds. I have dark hair and when I brushed it, it came out. Although thanks for sharing your pic and telling everyone that it so doesn't work on dark hair.


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