May 2, 2013

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just a little over a week away and I'm sharing some gift ideas for you last minute gift givers. Whenever I ask my mom what she wants for any holiday, she always says how she doesn't need material things. Christmas "world peace"... Mother's Day "just to spend time with my children"... Easter "just to have my children call me"... you get the idea. But there are a few items that are good go-to's for Mother's Day if you don't have any ideas:

1. Products that pamper her. My mom loves bubble bath (we are big bath takers in our family) so I can always stock her up on her favorite - Philosophy's Amazing Grace. Getting her a "spa day" is always a good gift because moms could always use a massage or a little pampering.

2. Items related to her hobbies. My mom likes to run triathlons so finding her a book or workout gear is always a great option. If your mom has a hobby, try to find something related. My sister's mother-in-law loves wine so she's always finding her a wine glass, wine & cheese serving tray, etc. This is always easier to do for my mom since she'll tell us if she's looking for something whereas my dad will just go ahead and buy it.

3. Up her style game. Being the fashionista in the family, I feel a slight obligation to buy my family members clothing items. I'm happy to say my mom doesn't wear "mom jeans" or other ugly trends (thanks to nagging of her daughter!). This Before+Again dress is a great option this summer. I love the concept of this store as it reduces its waste by only producing the clothing item once it's ordered. No two pieces are alike!

4. Something splurge-worthy. My mom often sees something in a magazine of something Kelly Ripa has and wants it but never wants to dish out for it. If you have siblings, try to all chip in and buy her that splurge-worthy item she deserves like this Ramiro Encizo iPhone case that all the Real Housewives have been sporting.

5. Anything with grandkids! You can seriously put a picture of grandkids on anything: playing cards, mugs, calendars, iPhone cases... and she'll love it. Casetagram has a great way to personalize your iPhone cases with a collage of photos. Great gift idea for mom's who are also grandmas.

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?


  1. These are great presents. I wish we had mother's day at the same time as the US so I could take inspiration from these gift ideas.

  2. Aw bummer... keep it in mind for next year ;)


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