April 3, 2013

What I'd Wear to a Summer Music Festival

Lucky Brand scoop neck tee // Old Navy denim cutoff shorts // Keds polka dot shoes // Kirra drawstring bag // ASOS round frame sunglasses // Kitsch Roxy hair ties

Bonnaroo starts next week and it will kick off summer music festival season. Unfortunately, this year I am not going to be hitting up any music festivals but someday I will and when that day comes I'll be ready with an outfit! Here's what I'd wear:

  • Reasonable length cut-offs. Not to sound like an old lady but I don't want too much hanging out. Jean cut-off shorts are cute but let's keep it classy ladies.
  • Hair ties that act like bracelets. You may want to start the day with your hair down but it will never end up that way so why not wear some cute hair ties on your wrist that are chic enough to be bracelets but also will hold your hair up to keep it from sticking to your neck.
  • Loose fitting tee (or tank). To keep cool, definitely wear something breathable, like cotton, and loose fitting. Definitely would have to rep New York City!
  • Closed-toe shoes. Sorry I can't just picture wearing open toed shoes in that type of environment. I'd opt for a cute pair of Keds.
  • Backpack. The backpack trend is starting to grow on me. Seen some cute ones around the city and I think an all-day/night music festival is the perfect occasion for a backpack.
  • Sunglasses. I'm really into the John Lennon looking sunglasses right now and think they are the perfect accessory at a summer music festival.

What would you wear to a summer music festival?


  1. Coachella is also next weekend WAHHHHH!!!!!! I want to go to a big music festival. I also really want to go to the Governors Ball out on Randalls Island but ticket prices to that are even crazy expensive.
    ANYWAY I love the sneakers! And I live in cut off shorts during the summer.


  2. I love summer music festivals. I'm planning on doing a few again this year. This look is so perfect. Those Keds are so cute.

  3. Jealous! Can't wait to see what you wear :)

  4. lol WAHHH!! I'm sure you'll hit one cool event this summer ;)


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