April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Time is Flying By

This is how I feel

Time feels like it's fast forwarding by and all I want to do is hit the pause button! Can't believe a week has already passed in April. Finals are at the end of the month, final presentations are in one month, and my 2 week summer vacation is in 6 weeks. Crazy! But finally there was some warm weather in New York after being in the 40s. Let's hope it sticks around this time.

Friday was about getting my life organized after a heck of a week. Thursday I felt like I couldn't get it together so Friday is always my day to catch my breath. Write out my to-do list of what needs to be done and prioritizing it. Did some homework. Then I had some family video chatting with my sister and nephews who are in California. Looking forward to seeing them this summer!
Saturday was about running errands and catching up on blog stuff like comments. I know I'm always so behind, I feel terribly guilty. I do try to get back to everyone and return comments on the weekends. I made a few changes to the blog (more to come!). I've had several requests to add Disqus so hopefully you all prefer that commenting system. Bear with me! The NCAA Final Four games were back-to-back Saturday night. I was cheering for Louisville after the tragic injury to their teammate and Syracuse because it's the only New York team! But Michigan played a great game. Spoiler alert: the championship game will be played by Louisville and Michigan. Then the wonderful Melissa McCarthy was hosting SNL again so I tuned in. But unfortunately it was pretty disappointing. I felt like they put her in quasi-sexually ambiguous characters who all had short wigs. But I did love Uncle Drunklage!
Sunday I took my new Ellie workout clothes out for a spin. For those who don't know, Ellie.com provides stylish workout clothes, think Lululemon but without the high prices (and see through leggings). You can join their monthly membership or shop the site as you wish. I received the keyhole tank and capri leggings, which were super comfortable and moved with my body with ease. Save 20% on Ellie now! Sunday night was the return of Mad Men! It was a 2 hour premiere, which was a long time since the plot is always slow and I still wanted to watch my Game of Thrones. It was a little too much TV but happy Mad Men is back.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Let me know how you like disqus, ive been thinking of getting it as well :) that is sooo exciting for you that it is almost break, its the best feeling! looks like you had a great weekend! Excited to hear the outcome of the big game since im a UofM Fan :) hope you have a fab monday!!

  2. Well I've been having a few issues... but when it works I like it :)


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