April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Happy Earth Day!

On Friday I was still not feeling well. Something kicked my ass Thursday night and I was just cold and weak with a throbbing headache. I spent Friday pretty much curled up on the couch. In good news: My Sephora goodies arrived! I used the 15% off VIB code and it arrived within 3 days. Friday night I flipped on the TV to watch Fashion Star and it turned out Boston had caught the 2nd suspect in the bombings earlier in the week. The poor people of Boston had a hell of a week and it was great to see it finally come to a peaceful end with the suspect surrendering.

After being completely useless on Friday, Saturday I decided to be productive! I cleaned my apartment, washed the dishes piling up in the sink, gave myself a pedicure. The NBA Playoffs kicked off with the Knicks vs Boston Celtics. Congrats to the Knicks, let's hope this year is our year! Zoya is also doing a wonderful nail polish exchange for Earth Day that you should all check out. I also checked out The Luxury Spot's tips on transitional spring dressing since it dropped back in the '40s again this weekend. My wardrobe is so confused!
Sunday I was feeling a little bit better so I attended ClosetDash's Earth Day swap, which was held in Union Square along with several other cool events and booths to celebrate Earth Day in New York City. All proceeds went to the Earth Day Organic Indoor Learning Garden. While I didn't pick up anything, I didn't score some goodies in my bag. Sunday night is also my favorite TV night! I love that Game of Thrones is about cleverness. Saying "you're not as smart as you think you are" is quite the insult. Khalessi is bad ass! Mad Men continued into the trippy, swinging late '60s. I'm a little bored so hopefully something will develop soon.

On another note, have you seen this video from Dove? Beautiful. Women need to stop putting themselves down. We are all beautiful. Just wanted to share!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. sorry you weren't feeling great, but glad to hear you kicked through! and I haven't caught Mad Men this week yet... we ran out of time last night, but it's waiting on our DVR!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  2. I haven't felt that great either, I've been ditching my usual bike ride thanks to mother nature!


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