April 9, 2013

My April POPSUGAR Must Have Box

This month's POPSUGAR Must Have box was about embracing spring and getting into the eco spirit with Earth Day also this month. I was slightly underwhelmed with this box. Can you see how empty it looks? Also, the most expensive thing was the perfume oil. Here's what I received in my box:

My favorite part of the box! Loved this cute woven cord bracelet featuring faceted gold-plated beads and it adjusts to size. A great new addition to my arm party.

This perfume oil smells very light, spring fragrance that apparently is popular among celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Garner. Notes include gardenia and white exotic flowers. Perfume oils are great for rolling on your skin and letting the fragrance blend in with your natural oils.

Quinoa is a big trend in food and apparently it's now available in chocolate! This dark chocolate definitely took some getting used to (I'm a milk chocolate gal myself) but it definitely grew on me. Plus I love Alter Eco's mission of 100% organic and fair trade. When I opened the chocolate, inside the flap it said "this bar is restoring the rain forest. Read how" and it warmed my heart.
I actually received a sample of these Tatcha Japense beauty papers in my Popbasic package. I'm happy I got the "clutch-size" in this box since the other ones were quite large and not easy to slip into my purse. For those who don't know, they are oil blotting papers for your face.

The dry cleaning bag is a great concept but the bag itself is the size of a basketball player. I'm a short girl so perhaps having a petite size would be another option they could offer. Most dry cleaner packaging is not that big anyways. It's supposed to act as a laundry bag, hamper, duffel bag, and a garment bag. You bring your clothes to the dry cleaner and tell them that you want them to be returned "naked" (aka without the plastic and instead with the bag). I like the idea of using less plastic but wouldn't be able to carry this to my dry cleaners without looking like I'm going to fall over.

What did you think of your POPSUGAR box this month?


  1. That dark chocolate quinoa crunchy bar is HEAVEN for me. I am vegan and it's the best dark chocolate I had had in a long time... It's difficult to find interesting and different chocolate bars. This one's one of my favorites.

  2. yeah one of the hardest things about the vegan diet for me is chocolate. I love milk chocolate! But this chocolate was quite yummy :)

  3. I was underwhelmed too! The bag is huge. I'm keeping it in my car to for dirty clothes when traveling. ellesees.blogspot.com

  4. Very underwhelming compared to other months!

  5. I just donated mine to goodwill... although someone said it would be good for a wedding dress. Not that I need that :p


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