April 5, 2013

My April Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep Maven box was all about brights. I decided to stick with Class With a Twist which featured a pink and red nail polish. I love shocking pink nail polishes so what's another one? The bright polishes got me excited for warmer temps. Here's what I got in my box:

- 2 nail polishes ($14 each)
- Mighty Nail & Cuticle Nail Serum $28
- Extra: Rock sugar candy

My cuticles have been in desperate need of some TLC! This new serum from Julep contains "peptides – super-charged amino acids that build keratin (for your nails) and collagen (for your cuticles)." It is the "secret weapon to transform dry and damaged cuticles almost overnight. Plus, get visibly stronger, smoother nails with fewer ridges and less splitting and brittleness in only 2-3 weeks." I've been using for almost a week (got my box on Saturday) and my cuticles have been holding up. They're not miraculously saved but they're not getting worse. I wouldn't pay $28 for a new one when this one runs out though but it is better than Julep's roll-on cuticle oil which did absolutely nothing for my nails.

Avery is described as a hot pink crème and it's exactly that. It reminds me a lot of Sinful's 24/7 color.

Jackie is a "maraschino cherry crème." Classic summer red color.

I wanted to add-on the dry shampoo but it was $9.99 rather than $4.95 (cost of most add-ons). Maybe next month.

What did you get in your April Julep Maven box?


  1. The Classic with a Twist is normally my box, but I have so many pinks in my collection, I needed a change. Glad to see what they look like though...very nice! And thanks for the review on the cuticle serum. I've used it a couple days now, but not the "twice a day" as the instructions indicate. I haven't noticed a difference yet, so it's nice to know someone is doing it right and getting results!

    Stopping by from the link up! :)

  2. I love those bright shades! Here from The Nail Files :)

  3. Hi Kimberelee...I had to skip this month :( I'm having withdrawals LOL.

    Have a good weekend :)

    Kali Now Living

  4. i am so so excited about that hot pink! got it in my box too!

  5. Who doesn't love Neons for summer? I love oranges and highlighter yellows right now!

  6. I got the same box and added Eden. I love all three colors! I also got the dry shampoo, but didn't really like it. It goes on really wet, which doesn't happen with other brands. I do like that it's clear though!

  7. Yes they are! But have very similar colors already :/

  8. Aw sorry :( Perhaps you could order some individual colors?

  9. The cuticle serum isn't improving greatly upon my cuticles but they aren't getting worse lol... I like that there's a lot in the giant pen but haven't been blow away


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