April 12, 2013

#LoveYourSmile Event With Romio and Luxury Dentistry

Father and son business!

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the "Love Your Smile" event hosted by Romio at Luxury Dentistry on the Upper East Side. Romio is an upcoming startup where your neighbors and local experts recommend local businesses in your neighborhood. Luxury Dentistry offers a dentist experience unlike any other. They provide you with the leisure of a luxury spa while you receive your treatment. You’re pampered with a free paraffin hand wax massage, flavored lip moisturizers and a warm towelette afterwards to refresh yourself. The restrooms are equipped with Molton Brown products and Luxury Dentistry even employs an onsite beauty concierge. I enjoyed the massage chairs!

Here's what I learned:

- Morning breath is natural. Everyone suffers from halitosis (bad breath) from time to time especially in the morning. You can't really avoid "morning breath" but throughout the day you should use a tongue scrapper or use your tooth brush to brush your tongue. Bacteria builds up the most on your tongue.
- You can floss, rinse and brush in any order. Ideally you should floss after every meal but since we don't like to floss in public then at least floss before going to bed since that's when bacteria builds up the most in your mouth.
- Our favorite foods cause cavities. Carbs and sweets! Try to limit your intake of those delicious foods that get stuck in your teeth.
We enjoyed some delicious baked treats from Vegan Divas. The mini doughnuts were to die for!

They captured a candid shot of me! Got lots of compliments on my necklace. Sorry I don't remember where it's from... it's super old!

I also had the pleasure of getting my nails done, which I desperately needed. The nail artist used a new vegan friendly brand Lakur by Londowtown. It's formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, DBP-free, formaldehyde resin-free and camphor free. The color is called "Weekend Cheers" and is a fabulous neon pink that hasn't chipped since.

Ring c/o Wantable.co

What's on your nails this week?


Images courtesy of Romio


  1. Sounds like a fun and informative event. Love the candid shot of you so much.

  2. Floss, rinse, and brush in any order... good to know! I love that photo of you, too!

  3. Love that candid photo of you & your manicure!

  4. Yeah, I always wondered what ordered I'm supposed to do it. He suggests saving rinse for last since it helps kills bacteria before you go to sleep

  5. that is such a good candid photo of you!

  6. That was so awesome, I felt like I was there with you. Great Post!


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