April 23, 2013

DIY: Clip-On Chain Necklace

As someone without pierced ears, I have tons of clip-on earrings. However, I am not always a fan of wearing them as you can lose them. I purchased a pair that are on the heavy side. I knew there had to be some creative way of wearing these and then I spotted Style of Sam's post about the many ways to wear a brooch and I got inspired! These clip-on earrings looked liked brooches so I would create a link between the two that I could clip onto my collar. Super easy!

- 2 clip on earrings
- Metal chain. I used 6mm metal chain from M&J Trimming which was $2.98 per yard. Most stores only sell it in a yard but you won't need more than 6 inches.
- Hot glue gun (and glue stick).
- Pliers. Some tool to cut the chain.
First measure out how much chain you want to use. As you can see I just approximated. Since I only planned to use this to connect the lapels on my collar, I only went for a few inches. You can go longer if you want to connect one part of your shirt to another part. Then use your pliers to cut your chain.
Apply a small dab of glue at the bottom of earring. Place one end of the chain into the hot glue. Let cool down. Repeat on other earring. Voila!

What DIY projects have you worked on lately?


  1. super cute! i always thought clip on earrings make the best craft projects. I used to thrift them and make pins :) it looks sooo adorbs with chambray!

  2. This is awesome! I love this and will, of course, say I'm going to make one and promptly not. Still though, it looks great!

  3. Great job on the DIY. It came out great.

  4. I knew I should be doing more with them... I'm sure I'll come up with more uses like magnets :)

  5. So cute! I love these collar tip chain connector necklaces! LOL! Great job, and it looks so much more expensive than it is!
    Smart n Snazzy

  6. This would be so cute on a sweater, too! Especially with something a little dressy-- good for cocktail hour!

  7. Ohh la la I never thought of going fancy hehe but I like it!


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