March 5, 2013

Quick Beauty Reviews: Smashbox, Clinique & mark.

I've been falling behind on reviewing all the products I have so I've decided to do a few quick reviews in one post. A little spring cleaning if you will. Hope you don't mind!

I received the Smashbox Studio Pop for Eyes set for Christmas (yes! that's far behind I am...) which features 4 eyeliners and a mascara. It's still available on their site for $19 so thought I'd give you my quick thoughts.
Eyeliners (L-R): Bronze Citrine, Antique Gold, Imperial, Graphite. I've used the Bronze several times and it lasts. Love these eyeliners!
It also included their Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black. I liked this mascara. It has the full brush I enjoy and it lengthened. It wasn't volume-tastic but could definitely layer it for a more impactful look.

Fellow beauty blogger Laura of Blush and Beakers gave me this mark. in a whirl marbeleized lip gloss recently. It was so cool looking - had to review it! The color is "coral cream" and costs $8. It is a really light shimmer color.

Finally, my mom treated me to some Clinique goodies including their chubby stick eyeshadows ($16) that I've been dying to try. She got me Curvaceous Coal (gray) and Massive Midnight (dark blue). They're very similar in style to their lip balms (that I enjoy). You can apply the color as much as you want and it's fairly easy to draw a thin line. There's a lot of great colors available so I'd definitely recommend trying them out.

What beauty products have you tried lately?


  1. I think the mascara looks great on you but I didn't get much luck with it :( And the orange-ish coral colour looks great! I know I'm going to be pulling it off for the summer :D

    1. Aw bummer. Coral is such a great color to wear during the summer!

  2. I need to try the Clinique eyeshadow sticks. I have a MAC one and it's irritating the skin on my eyelids :(. I know Clinique works for people with sensitive skin!

  3. I am a total fan of stick eyeshadows because you can just stick one in your bag for later... must try these!

  4. I love the lipgloss and a couple of those chubby sticks are definitely on my wish list for spring! Right now I'm awaiting my Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre that I ordered online and I can't wait to try it, I've heard (read) so many great reviews of it:)


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