March 12, 2013

My March POPSUGAR Must Have Box

So excited to have my March POPSUGAR Must Have box! "Spring is finally here, and we have everything you need to greet the season in style." Or as I'd call it 'an adult Easter basket.' Let's get to what was inside:

I've always wanted to try one of The Laundress's products but they're a little pricey. The denim wash blends detergent, fabric conditioner and color guard to preserve color and soften denim. Since I just did an infinite amount of laundry this weekend at my parent's house, I'll have to report back later on this product.

Was pretty excited to receive a piece of jewelry in my box this month. This necklace is very pretty but super long. I just made a knot towards the back to shorten the chain. Also, I couldn't find it on the website and only got the pricing from a spoiler blog post.

How cute is this corkscrew? So fun! I don't drink so I'll be passing this on.

I've been intrigued by Buxom mascaras in the past so was excited to receive a full size product. The “S” shaped brush grabs and thickly coats each lash, allowing you to sculpt, shape and style for a full-on, fanned-out effect. The nutrient-rich formula coats each lash from root to tip, ensuring your volume and shape lasts all day with no clumping or flaking. I really enjoyed the S-shaped brush as I think it helped cover every lash. I liked how it separated my lashes. Also, it was the first waterproof I remember in a long time not irritating my eyes. Definitely happy to have this mascara in my arsenal now.

Nail polish - Kim's favorite! Never heard of this brand. The colors in my set were a orange-red and shimmery tangerine color. Both great for the spring. I've been wearing the orange-ish color (bottom right) for a few days and it's held up well. Few, barely noticeable chips.

Like The Laundress, I've been intrigued by these products so was excited to receive them in this month's box. The Sweater Saver is a pumice stone that removes pills from sweaters, coats and blankets without damaging. The Fashion Tape assortment pack includes Hollywood fashion tape (closes gaps on your tops); fashion tape shapes (secures plunging necklines); accessory tape dots (holds accessories in place); and temporary hem tape. Had no idea I needed so much tape! Excited about the hem one since I'm petite and always have to hem my pants. Will report back on these products! Update: Tried the pumice stone and wasn't very impressed. It just created grey fuzz (since the stone is grey).

I love Peeps! I actually just bought some this weekend but left them at my parent's house in Jersey because I didn't want all the calories. I guess it's a sign that I need to be eating Peeps.

What did you get in your March POPSUGAR Must Have box?


  1. Good box! The New Black Nail Polish and the mascara look great!

    1. Have you heard of The New Black nail polish? I hadn't...

  2. Looks like some great pieces. I love the necklace so much.

  3. Looks like you received a bunch of fun items! I am intrigued by the denim wash, I will have to check back to see what you thought. The corkscrew is super cute! I love using Hollywood Fashion Secrets products, we keep a ton of their products in our styling kits for photo shoots. I have never tried the sweater saver though. I love the Fashion Tape, Accessory Dots and the Oil Blotting Tissues.

    Xo - Christy

    1. Yeah too bad I don't have any expensive jeans to try lol

      Yeah I hear their tape stuff is great for stylists but that pumice stone sucked... thanks for stopping by :)


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