March 4, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip

This weekend I tried to set some time for myself to take a break from all the studying. Midterms are around the corner and suddenly the work load is 3x as much! I feel like I'm drowning  in pop quizzes, papers, reading assignments and group projects. I'll be looking forward to Spring "Break" on March 18th. Friday night I stayed in like a party pooper to study. But then Saturday afternoon I cashed in a Groupon deal with Alex from Delayed Missives. It was for brunch at The Hill with unlimited mimosas.  She ordered eggs and I ordered waffles with a side of tater tots. They gave us enough food for 4! But at least I got to take home some leftovers. We walked over to an event but it was kind of a bust so we just sat at a nearby Starbucks to warm up since it was snowing. Check out The Luxury Spot's delicious recipe for white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes - yum!

Sunday I watched a documentary that I've been eager to watch since watching "Breaking the Taboo", The House I Live In, about the drug war. Powerful movie. The history of the drug war and the laws involved will astound you. This is the biggest issue facing our country because it creates such a vicious cycle and there's dialogue about it. In this film it shows everyone involved from police officers to drug dealers who see it on a daily basis were fed up with it and want changes. I was shocked to find myself in agreement with a correctional officer in Oklahoma City. He followed simple logic: it's not working so why continue the same cycle for the 50 years. A logical question we should all be asking.

Sunday night was also Girls night. We discover Hannah suffers from OCD and the stress of her book deal has brought it back. Meanwhile, Adam gets set up by a mom in AA with her daughter. I used to hate his character and his relationship with Hannah but now that he's single I adore him. He's so simple-minded and blunt. This season has slowly carved out more depth about each character on the show. There's only 2 episodes left!

Then the rest of the weekend was spent studying. My Dad flies in from California on Wednesday then we're going to go down to New Jersey to visit the fam. Hopefully stock up on groceries (since it's SO much cheaper than the city) and visit my happy place... Target!

P.S. Don't be bummed if you didn't win the GLOSSYBOX giveaway... stay tuned for another giveaway coming Thursday. Hint: It will be 3 prizes worth over $125!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Brunch with unlimited mimosas is the way to go. Damn I want a mimosa right now...


  2. Study hard girl! Also, I want in on the next giveaway. I will be entering

  3. Yeah that was a ridiculous amount of food!

  4. Ahh trying not to read the Girls part since I'm catching the latest episode later today! lol The food looks so yummy - yay for tater tots!

  5. I totally agree with you about Adam from Girls I love him this season!

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend and a nice little break from all of the school work. That food looks so good. I am a sucker for breakfast!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  7. It's 10p at night here, can I get away with making breakfast and eating it?
    That food in your photo looks seriously delicious and that white chocolate macadamia nut pancake link you posted is totally not helping!

  8. That brunch looks so good! I'm putting that movie on my watchlist! I love Adam this season too. I used to think he was such an a-hole, but I like him more and more.


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