March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

Sisterly love

In my family St. Patrick's Day is a special occasion not only because we're Irish but more importantly because it's my sister's birthday! She's surpassed 3-0 but there's no slowing her down. She's on the fast track with her career, has 2 adorable boys, a loving family and still looks hot in a bikini. Although I've moved to New York City and she's in southern California, we talk every day. I was worried that when she got married and had kids that we wouldn't have much to talk about because her life is far different than mine but that's not the case. She cracks me up. Enlightens me. Teaches me important lessons. And is still telling me to stick up for myself! There's nothing like the relationship you have with your sister and I'm lucky to have a super awesome one.

I get to be the only aunt to these cuties:

She's the boss of an all male household:

And she's not getting much help from these ladies:

Can't forget the dogs! Mollie and Kallie
Makes time to have fun:
Rocked some awesome teased bangs:
A #tbt on Instagram

Happy Birthday Sis!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister! Love that last picture of you guys - so adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! You guys look so much alike in this picture!!


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