February 20, 2013

NOLCHA Fashion Week Recap

Towards the end of every fashion week season, NOLCHA fashion week debuts independent designers from all around the world. I always enjoy NOLCHA because I get to see designers from around the globe that I otherwise wouldn't be exposed to. Now in it's sixth season, the day-long event featured 3 runway shows, and 13 designers. The designers who presented were based out of China, Sweden, The UK, Brazil, and from around the US.

One of my favorite collections was from Tess Johnson. It featured bold prints, a mix of masculine and feminine silhouettes and punk rock hair. A lot of trends that were seen during the Lincoln Center shows. "I want to make garments that make a statement, but maintain an edge of wearability. I am constantly influenced by contradiction. I love the play between hard and soft, strong and subtle..."

Samantha Cole London was also a colorful, bold print collection that reminded me of Chris Benz. Even more punk rock hair! She says she's all about female empowerment and her vision is "to inspire, educate, redefine technological innovation and materials for fashion." 

It wouldn't be a fashion show without something weird, right? Adolfo Sanchez was just that. The dresses were beautiful but the styling was definitely unique. There was peek-a-boo lace, leather, satin gowns, fur stoles and a Lady Gaga mask. The last model was basically naked but wearing nude undergarments. 

We need some dapper dudes, of course! Michael Fenici provided just that. Michael Fenici is the bespoke high end made-to-measure men's wear atelier brand, that combines the passion of classic craftsmanship with the knowledge of modern techniques to offer unparalleled tailoring style. A single suit of Michael Fenici requires up to 40 hours of work with 72,000 stitches by hand for the jacket. Now that's a suit!

Which collection was your favorite?

All images courtesy of NOLCHA


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