February 12, 2013

#MySmarterCommerce With IBM

I'm so thrilled to finally be able to tell you that I've partnered with IBM and a handful of other bloggers to share our #MySmarterCommerce stories with you. #MySmarterCommerce can mean something different to everyone and IBM wants each individual blogger to share their own unique story. I thought it was an amazing campaign idea for bloggers because it allows us to have our own voice but also utilizes what we do best - social media! With that said, for the next month you'll be seeing tweets, posts, etc. with the hashtag #MySmarterCommerce. I am not promoting a particular product/service, I'm just sharing how "commerce" (tech, social media, retail) play a role in my every day life. Just me and my tweets! Hopefully I don't bombard you with too many but feel free to chime in. In full disclosure, there is no compensation for this campaign; however, those who receive the most social interaction with their posts may get a chance to go to SXSW. Of course I'd love to go but I'm not looking at this as a competition to get to SXSW but as a chance to finally share my opinions with a highly-esteemed company like IBM. Hope you enjoy this journey with me!


  1. So excited you're doing this too!! I was so excited to be chosen to participate. Can't wait to see your posts :)

  2. OMG I can't believe we are doing this together! Yay! I'm so excited. Miss ya!

  3. OOO how exciting! Great company to be working with and maybe a great trip to get out of it as well :)


  4. Aw thanks :) Excited to work with you ladies and hopefully it will be a fun experience for all


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