February 27, 2013

#MySmarterCommerce Spotted Around NYC

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me feature a few #MySmarterCommerce initiatives in New York City. I've been having fun sharing my thoughts and highlighting certain brand's who are doing a great job. The latest I've spotted are from H&M and POPSUGAR.

Spotted at the 5th Avenue flagship store

First, I heard about H&M's recycling plan but was excited to actually see it in the stores. How does it work? H&M wants you to bring your unwanted clothes (from any brand) to your local H&M store for a $5 voucher (per bag), which you can then use towards your next $30 purchase or more. They say you can bring any condition of clothes and they will be shipped out with the unsold H&M merchandise to a near by processing plant. The clothes are then graded and hand-sorted. Items that are too worn and torn to be reused will be recycled and turned into raw materials and new products. Zero waste is the goal. I love this idea! This is why I bring my old clothes to Goodwill because they accept anything and will find a use for them if they're not able to sell it. H&M is only collecting clothes at this point and you can only bring a maximum of 2 bags per visit. I think this is a great initiative for a fast-fashion company like H&M which gets a bad wrap for being wasteful.

Recently, I got an email from POPSUGAR since I subscribe to their Must Have box that they were going to be in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York giving away free cupcakes this week. I tried to see where they were yesterday but it seemed to be mostly SF people using the hashtag. Then walking from class down 42nd street, I saw a guy with a pink shirt that said "POPSUGAR" so I stopped him to ask where the bus was. He pointed that it was right across the street. I darted through traffic to get in line. It was an interesting mix of people. A lot of business folks since it was in front of an office building. The older gentleman in front of me asked what it was and they explained "POPSUGAR is a site for women's shopping, fashion advice, beauty..." and he was immediately embarrassed to be holding a box of POPSUGAR cupcakes but oh well. They're free! I snapped a pic of the guy and he's like "you better Instagram that!" Oh, I  did sir. I think they did great job with branding for this campaign. Their logo was on all the mini cupcakes plus they handed out bright pink napkins with POPSUGAR sprawled across along with the hashtag. A good gorilla marketing effort to get people talking.

What do you think of these two initiatives? Would you participate in either one of them?


  1. Wow, I had no idea H&M was doing that. We just moved and gave a TON of clothes to Goodwill! I'll have to run to H&M next time.

    I love PopSugar! I subscribe to their monthly MustHave box and it is wayyy worth it. Every time there are great products, and the box is worth a TON more than the $35 I pay. One time, I got a $60 scarf! :)

    1. Yeah I'm intrigued. I'd like the $5 off hehe

      Yes, the POPSUGAR Must Have box is definitely worth it.

  2. As much as I would want to head up to SF today and get free cupcakes, I really shouldn't. But I do love the initiative. And I love what H&M is doing too. This reminds me that I have a bag full of clothes that I need to bring by H&M this week!


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