February 14, 2013

My February POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Warning: My February POPSUGAR Must Have box gets a little scandalous this month. Well... not that scandalous (lol). February is the month of love so with that in mind POPSUGAR wanted us to "spoil yourself with luxurious" things. Here's what I received:

Brokedown Spa Wrap in Powder Pink ($84 + 30% discount code) | Safe Haven book and music download ($7.99) | MarieBelle Trésor Box ($12) | Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanser (5 fl oz $8) | Hanky Pankys's Rolled Signature Lace Thong ($20 + 15% discount code) | Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic ($8) | Extra: Conversation Hearts 

You may remember we received a scarf from Brokedown in our September box that I loved. Now they've partnered with POPSUGAR to launch this new item exclusively. While this babydoll pink towel won't fit in with my black bathroom decor, it is super soft and plush.

Chick lit is not particularly my favorite and I have no interest in this movie. Happy to give the book to anyone who's interested.

True story: I've never had jewelry cleanser before. Probably because I don't own any fancy jewelry like diamonds. But I've seen this cleanser on other blogs and know it's considered a classic. Perhaps one day I'll be a sophisticated enough of a lady to have a need for it.
I love Revlon's Just Bitten lip stains so was excited to receive one in my box. The color "Romantic" appears to be a rich red but when I put it on my lips, it had a bit of an orange coloring to it... in my opinion. I didn't absolutely love the color. What do you think? Am I just hallucinating?

Got some Valentine's Day sweets including the classic candy hearts. This MarieBelle trésor box was very cutely wrapped and came with dark chocolate pearls. They were made with coffee flavor so I'm not a fan of the taste. I also purchased myself some Valentine's Day chocolates from See's because I'm my own Valentine.

And now for the scandalous reveal... a thong! Never received panties in one of my subscription boxes before. I guess it makes sense of Valentine's Day but HATE the yellow. I'm sorry but I wouldn't wear yellow underwear (am I the only one?). Plus I don't believe ONE size fits all when it comes to underwear. But it's cool that you get an exclusive Zoya nail polish with a purchase, just not sure I want to spend $20 on a pair of underwear.

So what items would you want to receive for Valentine's Day?


  1. Cool box. I would love the book! Are you selling it or just giving it away?

    1. I would charge for shipping. Email me at kimberleevdw@gmail.com if you're interested

  2. i got pink panties! everything else is the same as you. my dog took the bath wrap and claimed it as his own. the lip balm stain doesn't look orange on me, but now i'm paranoid!! ;)

    1. haha it's super soft so don't blame him :p I think we always get the same things. Maybe they should mix it up?


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