February 5, 2013

My February Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep Maven box featured their newly launched Oxygen Nail Treatment. I decided to chose the "Classic With a Twist" box since I liked the colors the best. The box was all about the glamour and the upcoming Academy Awards with gold tinsel but also featured delicious Valentine's Day heart chocolates.

- 2 nail polishes ($14 each)
- Oxygen Nail Treatment $18
- Freedom Polymer Top Coat $18
- Eyelash Curler
- Extras: chocolates

Helen was inspired by Helen Hunt in The Sessions and is described as a "smoky pastel lavender." I absolutely loved this color! It reminded me a lot of Ginger + Liz's "He's So Into You" but I could always use another lavender color.

Claudette was inspired by Claudette Colbert who won an Academy Award for It Happened One Night and is described as a "smoky brick red creme." I'm not usually a fan of red nail polish so I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this color. Stay tuned later this week for a surprise!
Their Oxygen Nail Treatment was described as "makeup for your nails" and supposedly restores weak, dry brittle nails back to a health state. Mine nails were not in desperate need but gave it a try. It says for best results apply every day for 2 weeks with no other nail polish. Now we all know Kim can't do that.

This Polymer top coat was intriguing as well. It had a SUPER strong smell that was almost unbearable but it left my nails shiny... just the way I like them. After a few days, there's just been one small chip on my thumb so I'm liking it.

I also added on their Quick Dry Polish Drops for this month's box (but it ships separately).

What did you get in your Julep Maven box this month?


  1. i got the same exact box this month with the same polish colors! i'm interested to try the topcoat out and see how well it really lasts.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com
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    1. I didn't test it for very long but it seems promising :)

  2. I have Claudette on my toes right now! :) I love Freedom! I usually get chips 3 days later, no matter what top coat or if it's a professional mani or not. I'm just rough, I guess. This kept my color going strong for 5 days! I can't wait to try Oxygen. But yes, it'll be hard not wearing anything else for 2 weeks.

    1. Oh nice! Yeah I can't do 2 weeks of bare nails hehe

  3. Ooo loving the color of that smokey pastel lavender shade! xo

  4. I got the same box this month, but I haven't tested any of it yet. I also added the Jane rose gold glitter polish because I wanted that one as soon as I saw it!


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