March 3, 2013



This month's GLOSSYBOX was all about International Style. "Glamorous girls everywhere are packing for a jet-setting tour of fashion weeks around the world. In this box, you'll find a complete bevy of beauty products to get you through a fashionable day - from a cleanser and skincare prep before making an appearance, to pops of color for face and nails to stand out from the crowd." Here's what's inside:

I feel super fancy with a BVLGARI soap (lol!). The scent Eau Parfumée au thé blanc has top notes of Artemisia and base notes of musk and white tea. It's not a scent I'd go for but I don't mind it as a soap as it leaves a soft scent after washing my hands.
They say this shimmer powder has 8 uses from; eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, nails, blush, body, temporary hair highlight. I personally would only use this color as an eyeshadow but would be interested in trying it out on my nails. It's a beautiful color!
Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream work together to make your skin visibly clearer, feel smoother and hydrated without irritation, redness or dryness. Made with natural ingredients that makes it safe to use for all skin types. Rapidly clears pimples, prevents breakouts, corrects hyperpigmentation and reduces post acne scaring and dark spots without drying. This seems like a great product for those struggling with acne. The serum did a good job minimizing a blemish I had.

This lip gloss is fairly sheer so you can layer it over your favorite lipstick. I loved the bold pink color. Definitely will be wearing this more in the warmer months.

This brand is the most affordable set of nail stickers (or nail wraps) I've seen! For $8 you get 16 nail wraps, a nail buffer and cuticle stick. Sally Hansen and Essie are at least $10 for the same. Stay tuned later this week for a review.

Overall, I was really impressed with this box. There were 3 full-sized samples. Definitely one of my favorites! Now you can enter to win your very own February GLOSSYBOX!

Disclosure: I am a GLOSSYBOX blogger. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. I'm most excited to try the shimmer powder ;)

  2. Agreed with Nikki. I am seriously excited over the lipgloss and it looks PERFECT on you!


  3. I'd love to try the Bvlgari soap:)

    Shandi Naugle

  4. The lip gloss!
    holliister at gmail dot com

  5. I want to try the nail stickers!


  6. Definitely psyched/want to try the lip gloss - such a fun color! And one you could layer with easily.

  7. I'd love to try the lip gloss for sure!

  8. The Nail Rock nail wraps look great

  9. Either that gorgeous lip gloss or the evologie serum. =)

  10. I finally opened my Glossybox and discovered all the wonderful beauty goodies inside! I am excited to try all the products, especially the Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream.

    Xo - Christy


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