February 28, 2013

My February Beauty Army Kit

And the beauty boxes keep on coming! For those who are not familiar, Beauty Army, is beauty subscription box where you pick the samples. This is my third box and I've been enjoying it thus far. For February they said that love is in the air and they hoped we loved the beauty items in our boxes. All full sized items ship for free within 30 days. Here are the samples I selected based on my beauty profile:

mark. creates these "hook up" products so you can create your own full-sized product by attaching two. Not really my thing. The color is pretty. Says "super shiny, minted gloss leaves lips kissably soft." I definitely like the way the gloss felt. It wasn't super sticky.

I purchased the Volumizing Powder recently and have been loving it. I'm excited to try more products from this brand. It's infused with apple blossom and bamboo so it smells wonderful!

Apparently this brand only has this one product so Beauty Army has an exclusive. This shampoo reminds me a lot of WEN. Wen unfortunately weighed my hair down and so did this one. My hair felt silky soft in the shower but once it dried, it looked greasy. I barely used any product and combed it through. I guess I'm not an expert at this "non-foaming" shampoos since they never work out for me.

I've never tried a texturizing paste before but this one is intriguing. This non-greasy, non-sticky water based texturizing paste infused with lemongrass essential water adds manageability. Sweet almond protein helps repair all types of hair. White tea, almond, horsetail and nettle extracts nourish, stimulate and condition. You get a lot of product in the sample. I found the product lightweight and non-sticky.
This is a 2 part facial treatment made with ultra-fine collagen peptides derived naturally to support the skin's own collagen to help tighten, smooth and revitalize for a youthful appearance. Part 1) Pure Collagen. Part 2) Vital Hydrator. You mix the 2 together (mixing tools were not including) and apply. Reminded me of the Grand Central Beauty mask where you create your own mixture. I left it on for a little longer than 5 minutes, until it felt hard. Rinsed with warm water. My skin felt very super soft afterwards. A great rejuvenation!

I always enjoy Yes to Carrots products so was excited to get a sample in this box. This body butter indulges your skin with a nourishing, rivitalizing and long-lasting moisture treatment that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. I didn't find it super moisturizing but my skin has been extra dry lately so it had a difficult task. I won't hold it against them.

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your thoughts?


  1. Oh this is interesting, maybe one I'll actually check out b/c you can choose the samples. That color is super pretty on you, friend.

    1. Aw thanks :) Yes, I enjoy being able to get a preview of my samples

  2. The volumizing spray sounds awesome, I bet the apple blossom and bamboo combo smells amazing!

  3. Ooo I have a Not Your Mother's volumizing spray too but infused with sea salt, and it does smell amazing! I'm curious to know what the apple blossom & bamboo one smells like.

  4. I've been thinking about getting this box. I love that you can choose your own samples! I need to try that NYM volumizing spray!

  5. The mark. lip gloss in honey is a great color on you. I just posted the review of my February Beauty Army box on my blog too. I received some amazing beauty products this month!

    - KW


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