February 12, 2013

Marissa Webb Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation

Bright and early on Saturday at Lincoln Center, Marissa Webb showed her Fall/Winter 2013 women's collection. This is only the second season for the label. For Fall 2013, Marissa was inspired by "iconic haberdashery details melded with modern chic." The collection emphasized fine tailoring while balancing femininity. She used rich fabrics including camel shearling and melange tweed were and a sateen for evening wear. The color palette consisted of neutral black and white mixed with flame red, navy, soft grey, and all shades of green (color of the year!). There was lots of layering. It was interesting to see bermuda shorts for fall/winter but she paired them with tights so it was believable. This collection is definitely my style which mixes feminine and masculine inspirations but also has a professional, polished look. Here are my favorite looks:

Do you have a favorite look?

Images courtesy of Joe Schildhorn/Billy Farrell Agency


  1. Looks like they've got some great pieces, and the looks are styled so well. Love the second to last one.

    1. Me too , that and the last one are my favorite :)

  2. all the dress collection is superb but my favourit is 3rd number of left is awesome


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