February 13, 2013

KAELEN Fall 2013 Presentation

For KAELEN's Fall 2013 collection, designer Kaelen Haworth infused the idea of a traditional school uniform with the stylings from '90s cult film,"The Craft." With the cool girls and their cliques in mind, Haworth elevated the uniform creating sophisticated, sporty silhouettes, softened through the use of peony printed organza fabrics resulting in cleaned-up grunge. I definitely got a "Craft" vibe from the collection with lots of leather, baggy clothes and layers. I could see some of the cool celebrities like Alexa Chung wearing this line. Here are my favorite looks:

Do you have a favorite look?

Images courtesy of KAELEN


  1. OMG the craft that is a movie i haven't seen or thought about in a long time lol This totally has the underground cool girl vibe to it. I love the prints.


    1. Gotta love the Craft! Definitely underground "too cool for cool"


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