February 15, 2013

FBFF: Checking in On My New Year's Resolutions

YEY! FBFF is back and in a new way. Each month there's a general topic that we can write about. I thought that would be easier but apparently not for me (lol). After Fashion Week, I finally had some time to sit back and reflect. Katy challenged us to think about health and fitness this month asking "Did you make a fitness/health goal for the New Year? How is it going?" I try to avoid making major New Year's resolutions especially around fitness since it just sets you up for failure. Yes, we'd all love to shed some pounds but for many making that your resolution and not succeeding makes it even more depressing so I try to avoid that feeling and focus on small goals that are more easily achievable.

Every year I always want to be in better shape. As a New Yorker, I do as much walking as I can. Gyms are rather expensive so I've held off on memberships. However, as I'm getting older, I'm finding my body is getting a little more "creeky" so I began looking into yoga more. I have scoliosis so was concerned some of the poses would irritate my spine rather than help. One time I did yoga, I left uncomfortable so I've hesitated to go back. Then Gilt City had an offer on 3 classes to Exhale Mind Body Spa. For $35, I figured I'd give a try!

Another sort of "health" related resolution I made was to try more vegan recipes. I've been a vegetarian on and off several times. I can easily give up meat. It's the milk and butter issue I have. My family has a bad addiction to butter and sweets so I've been trying to make vegan recipes of items I love: cupcakes, pancakes, cookies, hot chocolate. Last year I was not very successful at this but so far this year I've made vegan banana blueberry crumb muffins, pancakes, banana nut bread, and peanut butter cookies. All were delicious! I did have a "cheat day" for the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day chocolates. But the past 2 weeks I've had at least one vegan meal a day which is a start. If you have any recommendations of sites, recipes, cookbooks etc for delicious vegan meals... please share!

Did you make any health/fitness New Year's Resolutions? Are you keeping up with them?

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