February 7, 2013

Should You Call Yourself A Blogger? I Say Yes

This is a widely discussed topic and there is no right or wrong answer. However, during an event recently a woman told my friend she shouldn't call herself a blogger if she wanted to be taken seriously. I was pretty offended because I proudly call myself a blogger. It's on my resume, my LinkedIn profile, business cards, etc. Yes, bloggers used to be less respected and it seems like everyone these days has a blog. But I argue that bloggers are gaining more respect as we are sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week or some are doing major investigative journalism. We should own the word especially if we're professional so that the industry will respect us. So here's my two cents on titles:


If you run your own blog then I say call yourself a blogger. If the majority of the content is written for your own blog or contributing to others' blogs then you're a blogger. Within being a blogger, you could also describe yourself as an editor.


The two most popular roles I've seen listed are:

- Editor-in-Chief: I'd reserve this only if you have more than one contributor. Editor-in-Chief implies there are other editors on staff and you're the main decider of what gets published. If you're the only one contributing then I'd say go with...
- Founding Editor or Founder: I call myself a founding editor because occasionally I get guest posts but I still edit before they're published and I only publish content I think is relevant. I also include founding because I founded this blog.

Or you can come up with your own creative title. I think they all imply the same thing.


Traditionally this title was reserved for print media but I say if a majority of your writing is contributing to other publications then call yourself a writer. If you're someone who pitches other publications ideas for stories and writes that story for that outlet with a byline, then you're a writer. Don't call yourself a writer if all you write for is your blog because you want to sound "more professional."

At the end of the day, it's all marketing. You can call yourself what you want but it's essentially all the same. You can try to jazz it up and make your role sound more important by saying Editor-in-Chief even though you're the only one who contributes content. I say own the word blogger and show the public that there are professional ones by having a professional card, policies and content.

What do you call yourself?

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  1. Blogger! I didn't always and I didn't always want to call myself a blogger, but now I'm like... own it.

  2. i am a blogger, always have been always will be something that i own with pride!

  3. Thank you for the info, I went to Kids fashion week and a guy asked me who I was as I sat with the press, I responded Oh Im a blogger, He said Oh a Mommy Blogger! I was kind of offended. Yes I'm a mom but I also have a business, a BFA and have worked with many arts organizations. From now on I am Founding Editor of Fresh Kid Nation!

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